New Orleans

Parisite DIY Skatepark, New Orleans
Skateboarding's ever-growing popularity has led many urban planners to incorporate skateparks into the fabric of communities to much success. However not every city has embraced skateboarding, with some lawmakers brazenly overlooking the need for...
Buttercup Bill at the Marfa Film Festival
There's something near-impossible about attempting surrealist, David Lynch-like energy in a film—and then still being taken seriously. And yet, "Buttercup Bill" lands that mood, successfully. From the magnificent writing and beyond; it's an aggressive...
Playing for the Benefit of the Band
Lee Friedlander's seminole 1992 monograph, "The Jazz People of New Orleans, Playing for the Benefit of the Band," has been re-released in an expanded edition available through Fraenkel Gallery. With more than 200 photographs in the new version, some...
New Orleans' Rum-Centric Bar, Cane & Table
by Kate Beard Since opening last July, Cane & Table in New Orleans' French Quarter has garnered a lot of attention, cementing its place on the list of the city's best bars. And with its pedigree, it's no wonder. The brainchild of Nick Detrich...
Airbnb, a service just five years young, has rapidly become the largest lodging brand in the hotel industry and somehow, it's managed to fly under the radar for so many in the traveling world. The hugely successful, highly unconventional brand hosts...
Good's recent contest to create the best infographic about New Orleans resulted in this winner, as well as the above clever examination of Gumbo as a representation of the cultural and linguistic mixing of French, Spanish, African and Choctaw peoples...
Best of CH 2009: Top Five Cool Hunting Videos
With a couple trips to Brazil, the first in our word-of-mouth city tours and plenty documented at home in NYC, 2009 marked yet another banner year for our video series. Grafica FidalgaSince we aired this at the first 99% conference (a joint production...
Cochon Butcher
On a recent trip to New Orleans, I had the mouth-watering pleasure of grabbing an early lunch at Cochon Butcher, the meat shop and wine bar opened in January by Cochon chef Donald Link and partner-chefs Stephen Stryjewski and Warren Stephens. Located...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Flavor Paper
by Michael Tyburski Bringing a dose of modern irreverence to old world decor, Flavor Paper screenprints wallpaper by hand in their New Orleans studio. This episode of our video series visits with owner Jon Sherman and tours the factory to learn...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: KK Projects
by Michael Tyburski Starting with a converted bakery in St. Roch, one of New Orleans' most neglected neighborhoods, KK Projects reimagines buildings ravaged by time and Katrina as site-specific artworks, one at a time. This video tours several of...
Hope in the White House Tees
You may not have been able to get your hands on a ticket to Obama's historic inauguration taking place this Tuesday in D.C., but you can still show your support and sanguine sentiments for the new President with New Orleans artist Dan Tague'...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Sunpie Barnes
by Michael TyburskiNew Orleans musician Sunpie Barnes divides his time between playing accordion with his band, the Louisiana Sunspots, and New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park, where he's a park ranger. In this video, we get a taste of the...
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