New Designers

Elise Sheehan Jewelry
While there could be something cute and quirky about walking out the door wearing a mismatched pair of socks, it's generally a sign that you either woke up late or its laundry day. Melbourne-based jewelry designer Elise Sheehan, however, takes the...
Inscaping Collection by Silvae
Deborah Roberts, the visionary behind Silvae clothing, is nothing if not poetic. Take for instance her forthcoming S/S '15 collection, called Inscaping. The word "inscape" refers to the "unique inner nature of a person or object as shown in a work...
Tammy Tiranasar Jewelry
In Tammy Tiranasar's jewelry, the art of macramé unfurls in colorfully hand-knotted necklaces that play with and subvert expectations about patterns. Sweeping, intuitively articulated, organic forms characterize the line and are presented in the...
Seven Designers of the Future at La Rinascente
Each year during Milan Design week, SaloneSatellite is the area of Salone del Mobile devoted to emerging designers and schools. This is one of the true hot-spots—the place to find the future of industrial and furniture design. For the second year...
London’s New Designers 2014: Part 2
Following Part One of London's annual New Designers graduate exhibition, Part Two focused on Visual Communications, Furniture & Product Design and Motion Arts & Theatre Design. This year, two themes dominated the display of works put forth by the budding...
Jaki Coffey's Skips
Based in Dublin, Jaki Coffey is a designer who is drawn—you might say magnetized—to rubbish. It’s her muse, or as she puts it: “Lust in Found.” Basing her latest project “Skips” (on display last week at London's New Designers show) more directly...
London's New Designers 2014: Part 1
London's annual New Designers exhibition gives the public a chance to interact with the designers of tomorrow, bringing together graduates from the UK’s leading universities to showcase their products and make industry contacts. Innovative and inspirational...