Prince: Controversy
For this week's #PrivateJam, DJ Spooky—the man who exemplifies the idea of the disc jockey as artist and creator of new music—cited Prince's epic seven-minute jam "Controversy" as the song he'd be "really embarrassed to be caught doing air guitar to...
Cool Hunting's 24 Songs for 4/20
This week marks the 20th anniversary of Nas' (aka Nasir Jones) seminal debut album Illmatic, which remains equally relevant today. The record—permeated with thoughtful and poetic lyrics, performed in Nas' trademark gravelly and passionate voice—is...
Grace Jones: Me! I Disconnect From You
Model turned new wave R&B diva, Grace Jones remains on heavy rotation at clubs around the world, but for many its her covers that stand out most. Jones reinterprets songs with a certain refined soulfulness that gives even the most familiar track a...
Junior Parker: Taxman
Tuesday, 15 April was Tax Day in the States, and depending on where residents fall on the country's economic scale, some received a small chunk of change in return for year-long investment while others had to give up some hard-earned cash. To punctuate...
Wemoto Clothing: Rap Idols Series
Skateboard decks have almost become as much about artwork as skateboarding itself. Sometimes that's just fine, especially in the case of German brand Wemoto Clothing's newly released Rap Idols Series. The decks feature three of the genre's most influential...