Music Culture

Interview: My Brightest Diamond
Long before attending the filming of My Brightest Diamond's La Blogotheque video for "Whoever You Are" at this year's Sundance, we were impressed by her lush vocals, theatricality and mystic lyricism. Detroit-based Shara Worden (the musician behind...
Gambles: You Won't Remind It
Since their inception—and later rampant explosion as both an artistic endeavor and a promotional tool—music videos have become an important medium for channeling new messages and additional layers to the tracks they accompany. With "You Won't Remind...
Rude Baguette's Paris Founders Event
Rude Baguette—which began as a blog and a daily newspaper—is a French startup supporter that's growing as fast as the needs of the creative community. The blog combines breaking news with analysis and opinion to cover startups, foreign companies...
Greenroom Magazine
Yet another reminder that print isn't dead: Minneapolis' recently launched Greenroom Magazine. Given the Twin Cities' long history of underground hip-hop, electronic and house music, Greenroom is shedding light on both the history of the local...