Multimedia Art

Universal Assembly Unit at London Fashion Week
The spotlight is on South Africa this week, as Design Indaba is set to start. But it’s not just in its homeland that South African design is on display; in London, the country was one of 29 taking part in the International Fashion Showcase during...
A Profile of Artist Mac Premo
Brooklyn-based Mac Premo aptly self-identifies as an artist and a "stuff-maker." Peering into his studio reveals that the latter is surely a description he lives up to on a daily basis. Premo recently invited Dutch filmmaker Bas Berkhout (now based...
Interview: Video Artists Undervolt & Co
Now in its fifth year, new media festival VIA in Pittsburgh (where both video artists and musicians are the headliners) has grown to be a platform that showcases boundary-pushing art, technology and creative exploration, in an approachable setting...
Doug Aitken: Still Life
The white walls of Doug Aitken’s new show "Still Life" at LA's Regen Projects appear to have been ravaged by an earthquake or some other natural disaster. The multimedia artist created his sculptural works with vivid photographs, LED lights, gleaming...
Art or Sound at Fondazione Prada
Ca' Corner della Regina is a majestic Venetian palazzo overlooking Canal Grande, built between 1723 and 1728 by Domenico Rossi. At the end of 2010 Fondazione Prada began a restoration process on the historic building while also breathing new life...