Mountain Climbing

Tech-Forward Climbing Gear
Technology in climbing is nothing new—the industry is always evolving to assist humans with their mountain pursuits. That said, the tech keeps getting better. Gear is getting lighter, more durable, more functional and more fluid, giving climbers an...
Ascending Cascade Mountain with Canadian Rockies Mountain Guides
As expected for mid-June, there are flowers on the Bow Valley floor in Alberta, Canada, but the surrounding mountains are covered in snow. Because of this recent snow fall, our climb will be a little more difficult, says our guide Patrick Jerome. The...
Climbing with Giants in Alberta, Canada
The town of Canmore, Alberta is set in the Canadian Rockies, just 80 kilometers west of Calgary. Unsurprisingly, the picturesque town is home to some of the best rock and ice climbing in North America. It's also home to some of the best climbers in...
Everest No Filter
Utilizing brand new satellite technology, a team of tenured climbers are in the midst of sharing their ascent of the world's most iconic mountain: Everest. Remarkably, they're doing so via Snapchat, under the handle (and project banner) #EVERESTNOFILTER...
Climbing the Notorious Mount Washington with Adventure Spirit Guides
Some seven hours from NYC, Mount Washington (whose Native American name is "Agiocochook") awaits. The Northeastern United States' highest peak is an imposing 6,288 feet and it's notorious for its fickle weather. While we began our climb on a sunny...
Snow Peak Backpacking Cutlery
Bringing Japanese aesthetics to outdoor function, Snow Peak's dainty set of titanium camping cutlery lightens the load on backpacking excursions without compromising quality and taste. The collection includes the basic utensils required for any...
Alpinist 21
The haute mountaineering magazine Alpinist has stepped it up another level by going green with issue 21. Advocates for clean-style climbing (leaving no gear behind), Alpinist 21 puts their money where their magazine is by using an eco-friendly printing...
Tumi Mountain Pack
Tumi continues to push outward and upward-- this time with a mountain climbing pack that looks just as good in the Sea of Tranquility as it does on the top of Mt. Hood. Their VP of Design, Timm Fenton, is an avid mountain climber and created this pack...