Mobile Devices

Bottlocase World Cup Editions
On a multi-leg journey to watch the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand in 2011, Dutch entrepreneur James Bluemink found himself in Thailand buying beer from a convenience store. Thirsty for its contents, Bluemink became frustrated after realizing he...
Today, Kickstarter sees the launch of yet another clever product: Tinitell is the world's smallest mobile phone designed specifically for kids. Yet this piece of Swedish innovation could easily find its way onto the wrists of adults too, given its...
Apple CarPlay
Automakers have always pushed to keep in step with advancements in consumer technology, from the first car radios to the integration of touchscreen navigation and infotainment systems. At the same time, in-car technology is notorious for not being...
Jawbone ERA
We'd all but given up on wireless headsets. As convenient as it is to be hands-free, many devices are clunky, too heavy and occasionally ineffective. With today's release Jawbone is changing all that. Having mastered the quantified self movement...
Ventev USB Chargers
In our collective, constant quest to keep all mobile devices charged, CH came across two great options from Ventev that had us super-charged. The company covers all the mobile and wireless bases, from phone accessories and charging packs to wireless...