Almond Milk LA
Opening a chilled glass bottle of vibrant yellow turmeric almond milk (aka Golden Milk) reveals not just a delicious drink, but convenient access to a whole food with multiple health benefits. But not all almond milks are created equal; many in...
Churning out a flavorful variety of portable ice cream, yogurt and sorbet snacks from their NYC shop, popbar has us hooked on a warmer sweet. The newest addition to the brand's all-natural, kosher-certified lineup (including vegan sorbet varieties...
Simpli Oats
One of the most exciting finds at the winter 2012 Fancy Food Show came in the form of a non-dairy milk made from oats. Oats? Milk? Yes—and the result outshines other alternatives like soy and almond because of its neutral taste and dairy...
Hot Chocolate for Bedouins
When a mutual friend connected me with filmmaker Sebastian Lindstrom, he mentioned something about camel milk. A little research brought up several amusing web domains, including a site about camels,, and one about where Lindstrom...
Live at Milk Made
NYC-based creative agency All Day Every Day partnered up with MAC and Milk Studios to create Live@Milk Made. The campaign covers Fashion Week live with Phone Tag, a cell phone photo blog where fashion fans in attendance can cover live action from...
Bellwether Sheep Milk Yogurt
Crafted on a small family-run farm in Sonoma County, CA, Bellwether Farms' creamy sheep milk yogurt makes a tasty and healthy substitute for both standard cow milk varieties and other alternatives. Since the protein in sheep milk more closely matches...