Camden Town Brewery’s Annual Beer, 2015
Once again, British microbrewery Camden Town Brewery has distilled the flavor of the year gone by into an annual beer. "It’s the third year we’ve done this and the second year it’s been a barrel-aged beer,” brand manager Zoe Wulfsohn-Dunkley tells...
Upslope Brewing Company
Cracking open a cold one in the great outdoors shouldn't mean lowering your standards. While many favorite brews are bottle-bound, the crew at Upslope Brewing Company of Boulder, Colorado knows good things can come in cans. CH tested three of Upslope...
Craft Beer London
As a city that created many of the world's greatest beers, London has seen its brewing industry take on somewhat of a downward spiral over the last 25 years or so. This is quickly changing, however, thanks to a number of curious individuals throughout...
London Craft Brew
Nothing goes better with a carefully constructed burger or a gourmet hot dog than an equally well-crafted beer. With London's independent food scene heating up, a number of local producers are creating brews to match this artisanal sentiment. Born...
Södra Maltfabriken
Giving Stockholm its first and only microbrewery, friends Niklas Hjelm and Magnus Mårdberg opened Södra Maltfabriken in mid-2011. Besides a bit of experience in home brewing, Hjelm, an award-winning digital creative director, and Må...