Florence Knoll's 100th Birthday
Today marks Michigan-born design and furniture icon Florence Knoll's 100th birthday. While no longer designing, she carries an incredibly important place in American design history—thanks to her thoughtful creations that were functional but sleek...
CH25: Matt Kenyon
Growing up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, artist Matt Kenyon was equally inspired by the DIY punk aesthetic of the Dead Kennedys’ Jello Biafra and his seminal quote “Don’t hate the media—become the media” and Mark Pauline of Survival Research Laboratories...
Stormy Kromer + Carhartt Cap
From the factory lines in Detroit to the rugged forests of the Upper Peninsula, winters in Michigan can be long and cold. It's no surprise then that this industrious yet chilly state has given rise to some of the most respected names in workwear...
Mercy Supply + MadCap Coffee Kit
No strangers to hitting the trail, Grand Rapids, Michigan-based bag and leather goods makers Mercy Supply knows no morning is complete without a proper cup of Joe, even when out of the workshop. Linking up with local coffee-roasting experts MadCap...
Rugged Accessories and Bags by Mercy Supply
The old adage "They don't make them like they used to" insinuates that modern products don't stand up to the test of time like those of yesteryear. While this might be true for many manufactured items of the day, Michigan's Mercy Supply is the opposite...
Cool Hunting Video: The Heidelberg Project
There's plenty to see in Detroit, MI right now. With a wide array of new businesses reinvigorating the economy and an influx of creatives, some may overlook aspects of the cultural and artistic history in the city. One of those is The Heidelberg...
City Guides: Detroit
Since overhauling our City Guides last fall, we've had many an opportunity to make our way back to Detroit and delve further into one of the most culturally rich cities in the country. While there, various team members found that the ever-expanding...
City Guides Spotlight: Detroit
Sponsored content: Detroit is known for many things; from the revolutionary sounds of Motown to the hum of the American automotive industry, but it's no secret that the city has fallen on hard times. While the surface may appear bleak, there is...
Aston Martin Performance Driving Course
Though I've had the opportunity to test drive several Aston Martins over the last few years, I always left feeling unsatisfied. I wanted to go to fast, to push the car its limits. An occasional burst of speed passing a car on a city highway or suburban...