The Palm Project's Natural Bags and Baskets
Mexico City-based designer and CENTRO university professor Moisés Hernández has been dedicated to forwarding design in his native country. His curatorial shop Diario is stocked with unique products made in Mexico (like this two-toned bright blue...
Hotel Cosijo, Oaxaca
by Max La Frenais It's hard to imagine that the luxury Hotel Cosijo actually exists in the small town of San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya, which although home to a stunning 16th century convent (with accompanying 16th organ) is most definitely off the...
City Guide: Mexico City
Topping several must-visit destination lists, Mexico City is clearly having a moment. But it would be remiss to think it's purely a new crop of stylish outposts that is making this an alluring travel destination or the latest low-cost hipster haven...
Barrio Alameda
For a sample of Mexico City’s shops in eateries in one convenient location, head to Barrio Alameda, a newly renovated multi-story arcade in Centro Histórico (and a stone's throw from Taquería El Caifán). Here you'll find the outpost of Utilitario Mexicano...
Casa Bosques Librería
Tucked away from the bustle of Calle Córdoba in the hip Roma neighborhood is conceptual bookshop Casa Bosques Librería. With its calming whitewashed interiors, this is a space designed to let magazines stand out and for you to sit down and enjoy. But...
Mexico City
Topping numerous travel destination lists, Mexico City is clearly having a moment. But it would be remiss to think it's purely a new crop of stylish outposts making this an alluring travel destination or the latest low-cost hipster haven. From the...
Museo Nacional de Antropología
Mexico is steeped in ancient history, and there's no better way to understand its significant heritage than by visiting The National Museum of Anthropology. The institution is home to the most complete Mesoamerican collection, including Aztec treasures...
Hanky Panky
The brainchild of American expat Berit Jane Soli-Holt, Hanky Panky is an impeccably appointed speakeasy with an equally well-considered bar program. And it's no wonder; this hidden gem is inspired by Ada Coleman—head bartender in the 1900s at the Savoy...
Pasteleria Ideal
Allow a few minutes for a spin through another one of Mexico City's unique establishments, Pasteleria Ideal. Originally built in 1927, this two-story bakery borderlines on ridiculous with its towering quinceañera cakes, thematic jelly treats and layers...
Taquería El Caifán
At first blush, Taquería El Caifán looks like a Manhattan lunch spot; it's perhaps a little too spacious and sparkly for it to seem like an authentic Mexican taco joint. But don't let its bright interior fool you, because this is where you can get...
Burgers don't typically top most Mexico City culinary tours, but Lalo!'s burger isn't your average rendition. Then again, Lalo! isn't your average restaurant. Helmed by Mexican top chef Eduardo García (also behind the city's award-winning Máximo Bistrot...
There are several new hotels marking Mexico City's rise in boutique accommodations, but staying in a sleekly renovated 17th century palace is a novelty we're always happy to indulge in. Transformed in 2012, the DOWNTOWN Mexico is a project by local...
Colectivo 1050° Ceramics
“For designers, problems are possibilities: the source for innovation,” says Kythzia Barrera. The problem? The rapid disappearance of Oaxacan pottery workshops and with it, the eradication of traditional Mexican clay-making processes that stem back...
Mexico City’s New Design Fair: Caravana Americana
Caravana Americana (which launched this weekend in Mexico City) is a small but highly selective showcase of Latin America’s best emerging talent. Founded by Regina Barrios and Alessandro Cerutti, owners of local boutique Lago DF, their culling brings...
A Raicilla Worth Drinking
There's nothing new about raicilla as a product category. The agave spirit has long maintained a cult following in Mexico, for locals and visitors alike. Of late, it's also been coveted by bartenders with an eye for hard-to-get spirits. The only...
The Defining Characteristics of DeLeón Tequila
A lot has been made of the fact that Sean Combs owns 50% of DeLeón Tequila. Celebrity owners can both help and hurt a brand, or change its perception wildly in the public eye. In an increasingly crowded luxury tequila market, exposure helps, but the...
Fabric-Focused Womenswear by Zii Ropa
Since moving to Mexico three and half years ago, Vancouver native Bridget Tidey has started her own unique clothing line Zii Ropa. Founded just last year, the brand's aesthetic is comfortable yet flattering, durable yet sophisticated and is "inspired...
Telling the Stories of Oaxaca
Sofia, Bulgaria-born and NYC-based artist Snejina Latev escaped to Oaxaca at the end of last year, leaving the city (and its mental baggage) for a few months to create work in a new environment. After falling in love with the city of Mexican artisans...
Carla Fernández: Design Culture Mexico at Heath Ceramics
Based in Mexico City, fashion designer Carla Fernández travels through Mexico seeking the most talented regional artisans; she creates new designs that honor traditional fabrications in each region. This has given Fernández a reputation as a champion...
Public Art in Tulum
Over the past few years, Tulum has become the go-to destination for a relaxing but unique beach vacation. While the sleepy town is just two hours south of the high-rise and fast-food-laden strip of beach known as Cancun, it's a world away. As the cozy...
Interview: Mike Beary of Zocalito
Like its fungal brethren fetching five figures at auction, the world’s rarest chillies don’t look like much to behold. But should you get the privilege of tasting one, you’re likely to become a rapid devotee. To learn more about the rare negro chilhuacle...
Ideal Notebook
Pen your hopes and dream-scenarios in Kiosk's neat and cheery Ideal Notebook. The pocket-sized pad comes filled with lined blank pages to get your motivation out onto paper.
Rock + Mineral Jewelry
Alison Jean Cole cuts rocks and minerals by hand using old tools in her garage, grinding and polishing them into stunning jewelry pieces that showcase just a peek of the Earth's beauty and history. Geologic formations on brass hooks have never looked...
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