Men's style

Private White V.C., Mayfair
Manchester-made British brand Private White V.C. (named after WWI hero Private Jack White) has expanded its reach in the south with a second London store, selling the label’s military and motorcycle racing-inspired clothes. The new shop is located...
P. Johnson Tailors Pocket Squares
Maybe it’s the recent resurgence of '80s touchstones like Ettore Sottsass’ Memphis movement and Jeff Koons that have us lusting after designs that blend play and sophistication, but there is something undeniably appealing about Australian menswear...
Japanese-Influenced Ties by Kiriko
As we've seen in previous products from the Portland-based project of co-founders Dawn Yanagihara and Katsu Tanaka, Kiriko holds a deeply personal connection to each of the pieces that they create. Take for example, the new Kazuyuki line of ties...
VK Nagrani
Socks—an "oft overlooked garment," Vivek Nagrani says—used to be a "definitive way to separate the gentleman from the man." It was with that insight that 14 years ago Nagrani founded Ovdafut; reinventing men's hosiery by cleverly articulating wearers...
Passavant and Lee No. 25 Briefcase
Working with craftsmen across the US and the UK, friends Jon Passavant and Benj Lee have designed a stunning new men's accessory that harkens back to British heritage pieces, while being forward—and a tad eccentric. The No. 25 briefcase features...