Men's Fashion

TS(S)'s Denim and Down Coat
Though it's only speculation, word around NYC is that the Northeast is in for another long, rough winter. For those not already looking for real estate options in LA, we've come across the ideal coat for surviving such an unrelenting season. The...
Black Weirdos Meets Twin Peaks for A/W 14
For their A/W 2014 collection, Japanese label Black Weirdos has gone deep into Ghostwood Forest. The delightfully odd menswear brand has created a line that is inspired by all things Twin Peaks—no doubt scaring and thrilling fans of the show. There...
March + Held Co. Shirts
For all the ink that's been spilled over the Made In America movement, the reality is still a little grim. True American-made goods remain hard to come by, and most still use foreign materials. So what does it take to make an American product? For...
Dada T-Shirt
Treat yourself or a special someone to a simple t-shirt made from high quality cotton that recognizes the early 20th century anti-art art movement championed by Marcel Duchamp and Tristan Tzara.
As CEO of Svbscription and co-founder of Portable, Andrew Apostola is a man of sophisticated tastes. Along with Marc Goldenfein and Samuel Wheeler, Apostola set out earlier this year to introduce Svbscription to the modern gentleman, carefully curating...
Orley Ties
Dissatisfied with men's knitwear options that skewed drab or overly flamboyant, brothers Alex and Matthew Orley, along with their friend and partner Samantha Florence, launched Orley with a Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Orley's debut line of psychedelic...
Happy Hanukkah Yarmulkes
Commonly known to the Internet as Mister Mort, street fashion guru Mordechai Rubinstein knows a fair bit about personal style. Recently, the photographer teamed up with The Cools to release a dapper set of yarmulkes just in time for the Festival...
Triumph & Disaster
During his 18 years on the New Zealand national cricket team, Dion Nash learned the importance of putting in work during the day and cleaning up for post-match public appearances. After he retired from the sport he went on to work in the spirits...
Kai D's American Artisan
by Michael Raver With the launch of his new artisan menswear line manufactured entirely in NYC, Taiwanese-born designer Kai D has become a classic example of the American dream. The former Nautica designer broke out on his own in 2009 with the desire...
Massif Collection
The sartorial lines are being blurred. Business and casual, sporty and buttoned-up, military and civilian—it's no longer possible (or wise) to judge a man by the cut of his suit. Most innovation results from cross-pollination: you take two...
MidNorth Mercantile
With a polished collection of vintage clothing and accessories, MidNorth Mercantile—which debuted at last month's NorthernGRADE menswear market—proves that well-made clothing should improve with age. Mike Ader, better known to his followers...
Benjo's Colored Pennies
A real estate developer by trade, Ben Hertz navigates traditional style with subtle ways to break the mold. His company, the Minneapolis-based Benjo's, made waves in the style world when it released colored laces for shoes and boots. The idea came...
J. Hilburn Suiting
As those of us in the northern hemisphere offload shorts and T-shirts into storage, it's time to start looking for tailored jackets to brace the changing weather. J. Hilburn—a leader in made-to-measure menswear—has introduced a slew...
Vintage Menswear
Safeguarding the proud stock of British sportswear, Douglas Gunn and Roy Lucket founded The Vintage Showroom in 2007 as a collector's tribute to historic threads. Their Notting Hill showroom and retail space in Covent Garden's Seven Dials are dedicated...
Wolsey Fall/Winter 2012
With 257 years of brand heritage behind it, Wolsey's Fall/Winter 2012 collection remains fully modern in a marriage of robust fabrics and forward-minded design. Moleskin and mohair are everywhere in the coming season, as are old favorites like cable...
Capsule: Men's Spring/Summer 2013
On our visit to the menswear portion of the Capsule show in Paris last week, we noticed several emerging themes—while vintage and customization hold a place of honor, along with knitwear, the most significant newsflash seems to be the return...