Cannador Medical Marijuana Storage Boxes
Now that marijuana is legally recognized for its therapeutic effects, the accessories market is more upscale than ever, allowing for a greater standard of enjoyment. Not dissimilar from wine aficionados or gourmands, cannabis connoisseurs have a...
IV Decals by Little Love Medical
Inspired by her volunteer work at the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, designer Ashley Ludwin began dreaming of ways she could brighten up the wards and make sterile medical equipment look a little less intimidating. Last year she decided to...
The Immortal
Repurposing a retired greyhound racer as a human respirator or a pet sheep as a human dialysis machine represent the type of concepts that irreparably change your understanding of what design can do. How about an electricity-generating human organ...
From Yves Béhar of fuseproject, the design mind behind the "XO" laptop for the One Laptop per Child program, Jawbone UP and Jambox, comes Sabi, a line of medication vessels aimed at bringing beauty and efficiency to an everyday necessity. The...
Vila Mat
Whether you're looking for a little therapeutic relief after a long day on hill or just need to balance the flow of your inner chi, the Vila Mat aims to help. Created by snowboarders Justin Steinhardt and Hjalmar Hedman, the Vila Mat harnesses the...