Interesting Complications in Watchmaking
by HODINKEE Some seriously complicated watches have been unveiled recently—and we're not just talking perpetual calendars and minute repeaters. We're talking about entirely novel ways to count and tell time by utilizing new power systems, integrating...
Screwdriver Set
This screwdriver set won't take up much room but includes eight interchangeable magnetic and rust-resistant heads so you can be the handiest handyman/lady on your block.
Experiment ZR012
United by one-track minds focused on horological innovation, MB&F and URWERK recently teamed up on a new experimental project to bend the boundaries of timepiece engineering. Project C3H5N3O9—the molecular formula for nitroglycerine, so Nitro...
RAMP Sports
Based out of Park City, Utah RAMP Sports (AKA "Riders Artists Musicians Project") has just released a line of skis using next-generation rapid prototyping and vacuum molding to create their boards. Their modern equipment has allowed them to create...
Kinetic Creatures
Using the same tab-and-slot construction technique as classic balsa wood airplanes, Kinetic Creatures start as flat-packed, laser-cut cardboard and transform into the impressive mechanical Rory the Rhino, Geno the Giraffe or Elly the Elephant...
TRIWA and Herr Judit
Choosing for its name the acronym for "Transforming the Industry of Watches", Stockholm-based TRIWA sets itself up as a plucky brand of self-proclaimed leaders in their field. The still relatively young brand has evolved from a plastic-dominated...
The New Classics
The resurgence of handcrafted objects has spread from fashion to electronics to spirits—you can listen to vinyl LPs while wearing reissued Levi's 1947 501s and sipping small-batch local bourbon in almost any city in America—but bespoke...
Kuhn Rikon Ratchet Grinder
A lot of ingenuity is required to rework a classic. Swiss company Kuhn Rikon recently had in-house designer Philipp Beyeler take on the iconic pepper grinder to create a fun design object informed by contemporary materials and ergonomics. The ratchet...
Tourneau TNY
Advertorial content: Since its inception as a small family business more than 100 years ago, Tourneau has since established itself as the top purveyor of "the world's finest selection of watches," boasting a comprehensive range of luxury brands...
Moto Guzzi V7 Racer
by Matt Spangler You know the feeling of finding the perfect suit? Any outfit that makes you more confident in everything you do—your steps a little crisper, your handshake a little firmer—is the kind of "feels good, looks good and...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Lou Nasti
For our latest video we trucked deep into Brooklyn, NY to explore Mechanical Displays, Lou Nasti's fantastic studio. Nasti is the animatronic mastermind responsible for installations around the globe, most notably some of the most iconic Christmas...