Salami of the Month Club
Olympia Provisions—a Portland, Oregon must-stop—approaches meat-curing as a form of art and science, using old-world traditions learned in Europe to craft their never-hurried salami, sausages and charcuterie. Oregon’s first USDA-approved salumeria...
Quality Eats, NYC
TGIF—and what better way to treat yourself after a week of hard work than a steak and martini? Making this reward easy on the wallet and perhaps even a regular occasion, NYC restaurant Quality Eats (opened last November) has a surfeit of affordable...
Naše Maso: Our Meat, Prague
Naše Maso (meaning: Our Meat) is František Kšána Jr's latest project, opening earlier this year in the old center of Prague. It's a butcher shop, meets deli, meets bistro—and the popularity of the venue proves the combination is working. "I started...
Chorizo Sampler
Spanish chorizo is a staple of charcuterie boards from London to Los Angeles, but not all of the dry cured meats are created equally. Imperial Chorizo is made in New York using the best Spanish paprika and time-tested curing techniques. With hot, mild...
Boneless Iberico de Bellota Ham
Let us make you salivate for a moment simply by describing the vital stats on this choice cut of meat—you've got Fermin's 100% Ibérico breed, acorn-fed, free-range, black-hoofed pig cured in the mountain air of western Spain. Weighing in around 9-13...
Bay Meats Butcher Shop Beef Jerky
Globalization may have reduced the number of surprising discoveries one makes in foreign lands, but the art of travel can still lead to exciting finds. The latest example of this is Bay Meats Butcher Shop's gluten-free beef jerky, a delicious...
Olli Salamini
At the recent Fancy Food Show, one of our favorite bites was a little kick from the spicy new Olli Calabrese salamini. Portioned in a small size more commonly found in Europe, Olli Salumeria uses their old-world artisanal techniques to create their...
Eastern Market
On Saturday mornings (and Tuesdays, in the summer-fall seasons), the historic Eastern Market makes downtown Detroit come alive with a vibrant bustle of farmers and home cooks who shop to the soundtrack of live music from local street artists under...
Woodpile BBQ Brisket
Living in a city like NYC it's often easier to eat out than spend the time and energy cooking. And, for some of us, the most gourmet meal we're qualified to cook is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. For those of you wishing to cook up a proper...
Monty's Smoked Jerky
Essentials for the impending apocalypse include a solid vehicle and some hearty, long lasting eats. So if you haven't yet, go snag an ICON Bronco and check out the delectable meat treats by Monty's Beef Jerky. With five different flavors ranging...
The Butcher's Guide
A former vegan and vegetarian respectively, Joshua and Jessica Applegate run Fleisher’s, an old-school butcher shop with a modern-day mission to source and sell only grass-fed and organic meat all humanely raised close to their shop in New York...
Tanka Bars
After our camping kick last month we've had an eye out for great snacks that would work just as well in the outdoors as they do in the office. Achieving just that is the Tanka Bar, a meat-based snack high in protein and low in calories. This unconventional...
Lindy & Grundy
Erika "Grundy" Nakamura and Amelia "Lindy" Posada are readying their knives and cleavers to butcher the finest sustainable California meats. Opening up shop in L.A., Lindy & Grundy will peddle locally-sourced charcuterie including Rancho San Julian...