Interview: Debbie Mielewski, Senior Technical Leader of Ford's Materials Sustainability Lab
When walking through Ford Motor Company's Materials Sustainability Lab in Dearborn, Michigan, one can't help but feel like they're in a fictional laboratory from a Roald Dahl book. Here, however, the innovation is real and the impact is tangible...
Process and Material Innovation at Paris Fashion Week SS17
One may be quick to assume the inherent theatricality offered by Paris Fashion Week pertains to the exquisite venues. To a certain degree, this is true. But a far greater power stems from the fearless, exploratory nature of the designers showcasing...
Interview: Nike ACG Senior Design Director Matthew Millward
Blending complex, rich design narratives into every product is one of the reasons that, since it's start in 1964, Nike remains one of the world's most fascinating brands. A passion for innovation lives in the halls of the Beaverton, Oregon-based...
Celebrating the History and Future of Knitwear, Maglifico!
Knitwear has always been a field of experimentation in fashion. Adopted by true pioneers like Coco Chanel and Azzedine Alaïa, it continues to evolve and intrigue thanks to brands like Missoni and Kenzo. True innovation of knitwear manifests because...
Material Innovation: Product Design
A driving force behind innovation in all areas of design and technology is the development of new materials. Sometimes overlooked, this core tenet is given the spotlight in the upcoming Thames & Hudson release, "Material Innovation: Product Design...
Material Change
"Material Change" explores the creation of a for-profit business with a mission for social progress. The poignant book recalls the journey of architect and social entrepreneur Eve Blossom, who formed her company Lulan Artisans to preserve artisanal...
Nuggets Keyrings
Designers Chen Chen and Kai Williams' collaborative Greenpoint studio space was flooded during Hurricane Sandy, perhaps causing these Pratt grads to ponder the immense power of the natural world. Their recent collection of keychains raises the question...
ArtBo + 43SNA: Material Focus
While our first look at the works found among Colombia's ArtBo and 43SNA art fairs explored the underlying focus on a collective humanity among South American artists and galleries, our next look studies some of the interesting uses of material. From...
London Design Festival 2013: Creative Illuminations
Despite the recent infatuation with the Edison bulb, in the past few years there have been drastic improvements made to commercial incandescent lights; from miniature LEDs to the handsome, energy-saving Plumen. And while that remains an exciting and...
Witu Bags
Witu is a fun, Melbourne-based accessories label with a penchant for neoprene. The highly functional, protective foam is perfect for bags, camera straps and tech cases, yet it's seemingly a largely unexplored material among the accessories industry...
Suigeneric Watch Straps
While a watch face may be timeless (pun not intended), over the course of changing seasons a watchband can wear out or its novelty can wear off. Fresh off the digital printing press in Seoul, South Korea are Suigeneric watch straps, featuring vivid...
Interview: Aldo Bakker
by Stefano Caggiano Designs by Aldo Bakker look quite different from designs by his father Gijs Bakker who, in 1993 founded—with Renny Ramakers—the worldwide famous “conceptual design" brand Droog. Rather than focused on the concept, Aldo Bakker...
Patagonia's Plant-Based Wetsuit
With a committed mission to reducing their environmental impact, Patagonia has partnered with eco-friendly biomaterial firm Yulex to create the first plant-based wetsuit material. "Performance, natural rubber has not been used in wetsuits, ever...
Battenwear SS13
Founded in 2011 by Brooklyn-based designer Shinya Hasegawa, Battenwear—formerly known as Batten Sportswear—takes a playful approach to active menswear design, favoring unconventional fabrics and colorways with a vintage surf-inspired...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Zai
Our friends at Bentley Motors recently invited us to Disentis, Switzerland to take a behind-the-scenes look at the factory for Zai, a premier producer of high-end skis. Manufactured on a back street in the picturesque alpine village, the skis represent...
SFK + Meredith Wendell
In 2011 Sarah Frances Kuhn left a promising position in fashion media to start her own accessories line, SFK. Rooted in technique and process, the brand makes playful straps for serious cameras using high quality and unconventional materials. Building...
Kartell: The Culture of Plastics
From the very beginning of Kartell's history plastic and design have been the mantra. Founded by Giulio Castelli, a chemical engineer, the Italian furniture brand is the most influential proponent of plastic industrial design, building a sizable...
Industrial Candy
Designer Nicole Messina combines unconventional materials to create edgy accessories with a whimsical twist. Inspired by frequent childhood trips to hardware stores with her father, Messina became fascinated with reinventing industrial materials...
Works of Nature
Making a name for herself by way of her "domestic trophies", Rachel Denny reinterprets the impact of human contact with the natural world in her sculptures. Her wool and cashmere-coated faux-taxidermy creatures represent our instinct to remake that...
Dror for Tumi
When designer Dror Benshetrit joined with Tumi to create a line of luggage, the unlikely marriage was bound to produce something unique. Rather than imagining this as a simple one-off collaboration, Tumi approached the project as their first line...
Vans Stage 4
In 1966 Paul Van Doren introduced the first vulcanized rubber soled shoe specifically designed for skateboarding. Since the introduction of the cupsole design in the 1980s, a debate has roared within the skateboard community between the two styles...
C6 by LivingHomes
The C6, a new low-cost abode by LivingHomes unveiled today at the TED conference in both Long Beach and Palm Springs, California, makes a substantial leap forward in green building. Designed with the hard-hit Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans in...
Wrk-Shp by Airi Isoda
Many fashion designers may describe their work as architectural, citing structural influences in the accessories and garments they create, but few would actually follow their compatriot, Airi Isoda, to the hardware store. Along with her fianc...
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