Puff Puff Pass Ashtray
This ashtray—handmade by Brooklyn-based designers Deirdre Shea and Na Kim aka Young Alexander—blends the perfect amount of sophistication with a playful, rebellious nature. Boasting real gold luster, the "Puff Puff Pass" ashtray is a subtle way to...
Who is Happy
As marijuana continues to be legalized in various states in America, all things pot-related are gaining traction and new concepts are popping up all over the place—from different edibles to cannabis florists. One such newcomer (hailed as "Foursquare...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Happy Birthday Hubble Today, 24 April 2015, the Hubble Telescope turns 25 years old. During its quarter-century, the Hubble has produced an incredible array of now iconic images, including the famous Hubble Deep Field—where the telescope aimed...
The High Maintenance (Unofficial) Soundtrack
Cult web series "High Maintenance," created and written by Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair, stars the latter as your go-to marijuana dealer; each episode centers on a different customer and their personal (if on the verge of neurotic) life in New...
Dixie Elixirs' Cannabis Edibles
For a long time, ingesting cannabis usually meant indulging in a pot brownie. But the realm of edibles has gone chic and quasi-mainstream thanks to brands like Dixie Elixirs. Combining a foundation in the medical world with a firm footing in scientific...
Classy Cannabis Cookbooks
As marijuana becomes legalized in more states around the United States, cooking with cannabis has taken a step towards the serious—weed brownies and "special" Rice Krispies Treats just won't cut it anymore. Amid the vast number of questionable cookbooks...
Cannador Medical Marijuana Storage Boxes
Now that marijuana is legally recognized for its therapeutic effects, the accessories market is more upscale than ever, allowing for a greater standard of enjoyment. Not dissimilar from wine aficionados or gourmands, cannabis connoisseurs have a...
Pot Leaf Chess Set
Expand your mind in multiple dimensions with a game of pot leaf chess. The 32 pieces come in the shapes of bongs, bowls, joints, pot leafs and more.
Firefly Vaporizer
Enjoy the benefits of a solid toke without inhaling gnarly smoke with the Firefly vaporizer. Running on a rechargeable battery, this slick, portable device will heat up your plant of choice for a healthier draw, keeping you lit wherever you roam.
Cannabis-Based Skincare by Apothecanna
For almost a decade, James Kennedy worked within the all-natural products industry. As an industrial designer, Kennedy spent years at Aveda before working directly for the brand's founder Horst Rechelbacher. During the course of his tenure with...
Best of CH 2013: Cool Hunting Video
As people around the world prepare for the holidays and the new year, what better time then to look back on all of the standout Cool Hunting content from 2013. CH Video traveled from California to Georgia, met some memorable characters and got to go...
Cool Hunting Video: Cannatest
On a recent trip to Seattle, CH spent some time exploring the flourishing cannabis culture in the city, beginning with the NW Cannabis Market. While that gave us a unique perspective on the distribution of medical marijuana, we also wanted to learn...
Cool Hunting Video: NW Cannabis Market
During our recent visit to Seattle, WA we stopped by an unusual farmers market, where instead of tomatoes and tangerines, customers can purchase medical cannabis. The NW Cannabis Market, open seven days a week at two locations, hosts a variety of...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Dedegumo Workshop Japanese watchmakers create beautiful custom watches , combining traditional and modern design, while onlookers observe the process in their newly-opened New York Lower East Side store. 2. The Original Kavatza Pouch The World...
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