Studio Visit: Jólan van der Wiel
With its large weighted wooden frame, pulleys and ropes aplenty, Jólan van der Wiel's experiments into gravity as a natural design force is a perfect example of The Netherlands' process-driven design ethos. An extension of the work by those rogues...
Moss Robot Construction Kit
A far cry from Stretch Armstrong, Moss is a new dynamic robot construction kit that allows kids to build their own controllable toys. After over two years of prototyping, Colorado's Modular Robotics developed the module-based system to be as approachable...
Lucetta Magnetic Bike Lights
While many brands have begun to offer attractive bicycle lights in recent years, few offer the ease of use that Lucetta does. Designed by Helsinki-based Emanuele Pizzolorusso for Italian design company Palomar, Lucetta is a set of small LED lights...
Tag Heuer MikroPendulumS Concept Chronograph
The latest concept from TAG Heuer has been unveiled at Baselworld, showing off an innovative new direction for the tourbillon construction. Hailed for their beauty and complexity, tourbillon movements can occasionally favor style over substance...
Klik Klik
Science meets art in Klik Klik, Al Kelly and and Kellar Williams' new magnetic jewelry kit. Setting themselves apart from similar brands that came before them (like Magnetik Distractions and the gift set), Kelly and Williams take form as seriously...
Buckyballs Giveaway
With almost as many ways to play with them as there are magnetic balls in the package, Buckyballs makes for an addictive and intelligent game that now comes in a clear square cube showing off their capabilities. Designed to relieve stress or provide...
Dynomighty Magnetic Desk Dots
Highly functional and dead simple, Dynomighty Design's Desk Dots made us instant fans on our recent visit to their Manhattan studio. An indispensable desk-side companion, the powerful ceramic magnets can hold business cards, post pictures, build...
A series of original acrylic artwork magnets by Australian designers who call themselves Skaffs, the appropriately named Skaffnets are little original vinyl artworks for your fridge or any other magnetic surface. The Mai series has been designed...
Magnet Tacks
Part tack and part magnet, these office essentials designed by Hironao Tsuboi are capable of holding heavy-ish objects two different ways. The small, gold plated head is a double magnet so when objects are attached magnetically they appear to float...
Three by Three Anywheres
Perfect examples of winning simplicity in design, we're longtime fans of Three by Three's unobtrusive magnet strips and superstrong magnets. Though not new, their "Anywheres" are self-stick mini magnet boards that come in eight different...
Magnetic Jewelry Kit
Much like a DIY version of Signals.
Peace Magnets
Leave it to a Vermonter to come up with an alternative to the ubiquitous yellow Support Our Troops car magnets. Bennington based Rob Sperber makes the magnets by hand simply with the goal of raising awareness-- "I'm not against the troops...
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