Made In Usa

Olga Metallic Teepee
Wolfum's eye-catching printed textiles and wallpaper are created with sustainability in mind, from fabric made of recycled PET bottles combined with organic cotton. All made in the USA, this black and gold teepee reaches six feet tall and becomes a...
Campaign's Portable Furniture
City residents know that the greatest mental toll of moving isn't always packing up your life into cardboard boxes; it's leaving perfectly good furniture behind—either because it's a hassle or too costly to transport, or it won't survive another...
Stone & Cloth's Summit Collection
Inspired by vintage mountaineering and travel bags with the modern day customer in mind, Stone & Cloth has re-imagined their their line of bags for their new Summit Collection—which launches on Kickstarter today. Now—in addition to the backpacks...
Xtracycle's Edgerunner 24D Cargo Bike
Much love and thought are going into the redesign of cargo bikes, such as Porterlight's new customizable option, to make them less intimidating and more enticing for regular personal use. Oakland, California-based Xtracycle offers the Edgerunner...
The Topo Designs Mountain Briefcase
Creating all kinds of outdoor-focused bags—from ripstop cargos to travel packs—Colorado-based Topo Designs (a CH favorite) is well-known and admired for their simple and efficient design, durability and nature-loving manifesto. Rather than complicate...
Layflat Photo Album
Offering a beautiful way to remember this summer's adventures many years into the future is Artifact Uprising's Layflat Photo Album. Preserve your digital photos in timeless book form, made from professional quality papers and a minimalist fabric cover...
HANGDSGN's CLING Magnetic Clothing Hanger
Not everybody is lucky enough to have giant walk-in wardrobes—and with that in mind, Chicago-based HANGDSGN's mission is to provide a minimalist, space-efficient way of storing clothes. Their name is an acronym, standing for "Home of Aspirations...
Fern & Roby's Cast Iron and Bronze Turntable
Fern & Roby, located in Richmond, Virginia, designs not only eye-catching furniture with vintage-inspired bases (made from cast iron, bronze or aluminum) but also stunning audio equipment that could double as sculptural works of art. With a dedication...
Four Exotic Variations of Honey
Honey complements a myriad of delectable dishes and drinks outside of the expected tea and toast. Its dynamic sweetness, syrupy thickness and versatility in the kitchen make options plentiful. Recently, we've tasted a handful of alternative honeys...
Banana Leaf Bag
Boca Raton, Florida-based husband-and-wife-duo Joe and Tasha Chapman started making their own simple, rugged surfboard bags when they couldn't find ones they like. Now their brand Chapman at Sea channels their love for surfing, sewing and spending...
Artifox's Hardwood Standing Desks
While St. Louis, Missouri's Artifox design studio notes that they've drawn inspiration for their standing desks from traditional writing desks, there's definitely more to these than that. Their new Maple Standing Desk 01 and Walnut Standing Desk...
Le Petit Prince Sweater
"The Little Prince" celebrated its 70th anniversary a few years ago, and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's timeless novella remains treasured to this day. Ethical fashion line Slow Factory—which prints open-source images taken by NASA satellites and telescopes...
Leather Apple Watch Strap
Made from high-quality four-ounce American Bridle Leather, Bexar Goods' Apple Watch strap is a sophisticated way to add a feeling of heritage to a futuristic smartwatch. Available in tan or medium brown, the vegetable-tanned strap features three different...
East Coast Tinning's Heirloom Copper Cookware
While in France about 10 years ago, Jim Hamann and his partner ducked into an antique shop and found a huge stockpile of old copper cookware. They purchased it and Hamann set to fixing it up. He studied, experimented and through repeat effort and...
Preview: Hudson River Exchange's 2015 Summer Market
People don't really need an excuse to visit New York's Hudson Valley. It's convenient to reach by car or train; restaurants often feature the best locally grown, seasonal foods; and whether or not you are in range of the river, the landscapes are...
Matchstick Earring
Palomarie's "Matchstick" single earring is a silver or gold-plated bar with a princess-cut semi-precious stone; options include smoky quartz, black tourmaline, silver topaz or garnet. Katia Davidson Ferrara's brand is based in NYC, with all pieces...
Limited Edition March Caps
Founded in September last year by Barclay Douglas, March Caps has just introduced its first collection. With five designs, made in an edition of 150, the caps are classic six-panel baseball-style, but boast bright, minimal and design-forward motifs...
Tiktaalik's Field Knife Set
Portland, Oregon-based Tiktaalik, founded by Swedish industrial designer Carl Jonsson, is focusing on creating quality tools for enjoying adventures to their fullest, and their first product—a Field Knife Set—aims to address the lack of high-quality...
Sixfold's Dynamic Leather Carriers
Sixfold, located in the Hudson Valley, is a small group of craftspeople who share the common goal of revolutionizing product design. They manufacture leather beer-carriers and other accessories like bottle openers while maintaining a production...
Pasta of the Month
Brooklyn-based Sfoglini's textured small-batch pasta, made from organic flours, transforms the traditional staple food into an extra special meal. Their inventive seasonal pastas often collaborate with local gardens and producers—like Bronx Brewery...
Alternative, Stylish Women's Surfwear
Thankfully surfwear has come a long way since women's styles simply meant adding floral motifs or a pink colorway. In an ever-evolving industry, inventive designs for women are becoming more abundant. Here, we've highlighted brands that eschew the...
Vise Light
New York-based lighting designer Bec Brittain plays with unexpected colors and materials for brazen sculptural fixtures that become the (literal) highlight of the spaces they inhabit. Her Vise light, named after the grip, has geometric "claws" that...
Unimpressed Print
LA-based artist Cheryl Humphreys uses the technique of blind embossing to slightly raise the words "We Are Not Impressed" on paper, resulting in a minimalist print that can be felt as much as it can be seen. It's artwork with attitude.
Utility Apron
The latest from Apolis, a certified B Corp that aims to empower disenfranchised people through equal opportunity (in place of charity), is a durable apron made from hemp canvas with three pockets and an adjustable leather strap. Whether you're hard...
Topo Designs + Salomon Collection
For most outdoor brands, the chief objective of their products is to heighten the outdoor experience—whether that means keeping you dry in a sudden downpour or making a piece of gear that's so faithful it becomes an adventure companion. Colorado...
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