London Design Week

London Design Festival 2016: "Forest" Installations
In bustling London, there aren't many places to hide away peacefully, but thanks to a collaboration between Asif Khan and MINI there are now three. The MINI LIVING Forests are located in Shoreditch, as part of London Design Festival, and provide...
London Design Festival 2015: Tom Dixon’s Multiplex
Tom Dixon is a man with lots on his plate—and chances are it’s a plate he designed himself. The British designer is something of a Renaissance man: his company not only has its own restaurant, but it’s now also designing stationery and scented...
Max Fraser's London Design Festival 2015 Tips
As the creative bonanza that is the annual London Design Festival (LDF) grows with each edition, choosing which exhibitions, stores, workshops and events to visit in the British capital becomes increasingly difficult. That’s when you turn to experts...
GeMo 3D-Printed Vases
When first seeing GeMo for the first time, it's difficult to not be intrigued: there is a purity to the vase design, but there’s something wrong. They aren’t all the same—similar, but not the same. GeMo (derived from "genetically modified") is...
Joined + Jointed at LDF
by LinYee Yuan A number of homegrown brands were launched during this year's London Design Festival, but one of the standouts was the collection of wood furnishings from Joined + Jointed. The debut offering—which includes the striking Concave bookshelf...