Locally Made

The Bronx Hot Sauce
If you've ever wanted to know what the Bronx tasted like, this locally made hot sauce comes close. Made from serrano peppers grown in community gardens throughout the borough, the homegrown condiment is a result of teamwork between the students and...
Preview: Hudson River Exchange's 2015 Summer Market
People don't really need an excuse to visit New York's Hudson Valley. It's convenient to reach by car or train; restaurants often feature the best locally grown, seasonal foods; and whether or not you are in range of the river, the landscapes are...
The Vera Novis Furniture Collection
The name of Sweden's Vera Novis might mean "true novice," but the assured design of the brand suggests its creators are anything but beginners. This furniture collection was created by Hillevi Magnell and Sara Rudenstam of the Smålands Skinnmanufaktur...
Le Slip Français Underwear
When he founded Le Slip Français in 2011, Guillaume Gibault didn't realize he would be starting an underwear movement. He found a workshop in Dordogne, France, where several generations of craftsmen had been making undergarments for over 60 years...
Plan BEY Kicks Off a Creative Empire in Beirut
by Caroline Kinneberg Beirut is a city defined by its contrasts and constant evolution. One neighborhood where this becomes most apparent is Mar Mikhael. Previously a jumble of car repair shops, the area now overflows with trendy restaurants and...
Nashville's Holler Design
by Chérmelle Edwards Matt Alexander grew up on a farm just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. After stints in Knoxville and Detroit, he found himself in Brooklyn, daydreaming about returning to his roots. His reverie eventually drew him back to...
Earthy Yak Wool Products by Norlha
In the Tibetan language, "norlha" means "wealth of the Gods," and is used by many local nomads in reference to their yaks, which are among the most important resources of the Tibetan Plateau. Referencing this, Norlha is a textile brand that aims...