The Foldable, Shapeable Orilamp
Combining the elegance of traditional paper lanterns with the convenience of Bluetooth technology is the new Orilamp, a striking battery-powered mood light designed in Toronto. As the name indicates, it's inspired by origami and is foldable and...
Lighting Science's "Good Night" Biological LED Lamp
Most of us are aware of the fact that there's more to a good night's sleep than an excellent mattress. In fact, there are so many tangential sleep industries—from pills, teas, apps and creams all the way to therapy. Until recently, however, countless...
"Quiet" Neon Sign
NYC-based artist Marcus Conrad Poston makes all kinds of curios, but our favorite is his bright neon "Quiet" sign. Available in various colorways, the sign measures approximately 32 by 20 inches and is a not-so-subtle way for curmudgeons and introverts...
Tactile Equations by Page Thirty Three
Sydney-based design studio Page Thirty Three has a knack for transforming their daydreams into functional products—which explains why their pieces (like the laboratory-esque Black Marble Oil Burner) are ones that incite wonder and some head-turning...
Portable Lighting with the Luminoodle
The Salt Lake City, UT-based team Power Practical has some inventive battery-charging solutions under their belt, from their debut product PowerPot (a camping pot that charges your mobile devices as you boil water, thanks to thermoelectric technology...
Distributing Natural Light with Lucy
Norway might be using giant mirrors to bring sunlight into a town sandwiched by mountains, but how can urban apartment owners in dungeon-like situations harness that kind of heliostat technology? Lucy, from San Diego-based Italian start-up...
Cosmos Nebula Lamp
Created by ABC Home with Enzo Catellani of innovative lighting company Catellani & Smith, the Cosmos Nebula Lamp emits a stunning, otherworldly glow inspired by the colors and light of the universe. Made in Bergamo, Italy, the dimmable light sits atop...
Story Presents: Creativity
New York concept retailer Story undergoes a head-to-toe transformation every four to eight weeks to offer a unique, editorialized shopping experiences—and their latest theme “Creativity” launches today for a month-long look at innovative design from...
BULBING Galaxy Lamp
Studio Cheha, a Tel Aviv-based design studio, brings two-dimensional planes to "light" with their optical illusion lamps—which were funded on Kickstarter. Their galaxy-themed BULBING lamp illuminates the room with a small scene from the night sky...
Flos + Bezar Go Bubblegum Pink
Online design marketplace Bezar officially launched just a few months ago, but has been holding to its promise of introducing unique products from independent designers on a daily basis and becoming a go-to place for discovering new art and home...
Dyson Expands into Lighting
Entering a new sector—the fifth in their iconic repertoire—the industrial designers at Dyson, helmed by founder Sir James Dyson, have acquired a lighting division, founded by James' son Jake. The younger Dyson has spent 10 years working in the...
Vise Light
New York-based lighting designer Bec Brittain plays with unexpected colors and materials for brazen sculptural fixtures that become the (literal) highlight of the spaces they inhabit. Her Vise light, named after the grip, has geometric "claws" that...
Toto Table Light
A better nickname for German-born, New York-based designer Ingo Maurer would be a "poet of light," as his whimsical creations surprise and evoke emotion. As a part of his I Ricchi Poveri lamp series, Maurer's Toto table light prompts us to recall our...
Levitating Flyte Lamp
Good design catches your eye immediately, making you wonder why nobody had ever thought of that idea before. And yet, the times when you have to look twice to make sure you’re actually seeing what you’re seeing are rare. New lamp Flyte definitely makes...
Elegant LED Lights by Buster + Punch
Upon walking into Buster + Punch's showroom, you'll notice motorcycles and whisky bars sitting alongside lighting fixtures, rose copper and steel candlesticks. The young London-based design studio channels a rock'n'roll atmosphere, drawing inspiration...
Foscarini's Ritratti Catalog
Italian lighting company Foscarini is known for its innovative lamp designs and history of creative collaborations. The brand (which turned 30 last year), has been creating catalogs for its products since 1990, but recently changed it up a little;...
Paragon Pendant by Allied Maker
Drawing on geometric simplicity with a heavy focus on materials and craftsmanship, Allied Maker began as the woodwork of Ryden Rizzo. Since we last checked in, the Allied Maker offerings have expanded into high-end lighting fixtures. Simple yet with...
Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2015
This year's Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair welcomed a healthy number of strong collections from young international designers in its Greenhouse area but also many in its Design Mart. From thoughtful ladder-style lighting and single-flower vases...
Home London Trade Show Highlights
At the most recent edition of London’s Home trade show, held in the beautiful Victorian Olympia exhibition space earlier this week, a huge number of designers and brands gathered to showcase their latest products to buyers and press. The fair offers...
Light Infusion at Dvorak Sec Gallery, Prague
Artist Jiří Černický and designers Michal Froňk and Jan Němečk—of studio Olgoj Chorchoj—joined forces for "Light Infusion" (an exhibition now on view at Prague's Dvorak Sec Gallery). This collaborative show features the designers' existing lighting...
Cool Hunting Video: Neon Museum
There are few distractions in Las Vegas outside the glaring light of the gambling halls, but one of the best also preserves the city's light-filled legacy: the Neon Museum. This eclectic "neon boneyard" celebrates artifacts of Las Vegas' native...
Smartphone-Powered Portable Mood Lighting with Lampp
If you could somehow physically inflate the flat, glass screen of your smartphone into a glowing silicon bubble, it would resemble what Barcelona-based RCA alum and product designer Jordi Canudas has created with his new Lampp. By placing the organically...
2014 Festival of Lights, Lyon
Light festivals—from the spiritually steeped Hindu holiday Diwali to the newer contemporary art-focused events like SIGNAL in Prague—have become much-loved around the world. Regardless of race, religion or geographic location, there's a shared...
Plumen Light Bulb
These eco-friendly alternative bulbs are fun variations on the incandescent standby. There's no need to shade, as these lights look great exposed.
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