"Metal is The New Black" by Quiet British Accent
Taking something traditionally wholesome and making it a little subversive and much more playful, London-based design duo Quiet British Accent has recently unveiled their Metal is The New Black project. For the series, QBA—aka Sharon and Jason...
Exploring Words and Destruction with "Extracts"
by Jorge Grimberg Currently on view at New York's No Romance Galleries is "Extracts," an exhibition curated by Tim Strazza that features work by three artists on one common theme: the exploration of negative space through paper, words and deconstruction...
A Sky Full of Kindness
For his second book, "A Sky Full of Kindness," artist Rob Ryan has put his paper-cutting skills to use in a story about a pair of songbirds eagerly awaiting the hatching of their first chick. The intricate illustrations marry words with images to...
An ABC of Hermès Crafts
After almost two centuries of making iconic silks and bags, masterful watches and fine saddlery, what Hermès is still best known for is its dedication to craftsmanship. In "An ABC of Hermès Crafts," the French luxury label offers...
Type Matters!
The art of typography has historically been a form led by specially trained professionals, well-versed in the workings of setting and design. With the technological revolution the population at large holds the reins to the world of type, often muddling...
Andreas Scheiger
Austrian designer Andreas Scheiger celebrates the "craft of etching, engraving and letter design" with a nod to both science and the graphic design of the Victorian era. Scheiger believes that letters are "full of life" and, in an effort to explore...
Oded Ezer
Israeli type designer Oded Ezer breathes new life into Hebrew and Latin letters by giving his typefaces sculptural form or a curious new meaning. Each of his experimental works elevates the written word, challenging the brain to rethink how it views...
The 3D Type Book
As common as alphabet soup or as involved as Craig Ward's plant-cell letterforms, "The 3D Type Book" proves how exciting syllabary can be when it comes off the page. The book features over 160 designers and 300 projects, all compiled by London multidisciplinary...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: José Parlá
Our video about Brooklyn-based artist José Parlá's work explores the thought and process behind his densely-layered graffiti paintings. Perhaps more than any other artist, José blurs the lines between word and image and graffiti...