Le Meridien

Montreal's Freshly Renovated Le Méridien Versailles
By Chadner Navarro Understanding Le Meridien’s place in the hospitality world is not always easy. It's not a luxury hotel in the same vein as Four Seasons and Aman, but it’s not a straight-forward business chain like the Conrad either. It’s in...
Le Meridien Istanbul Etiler
Over the past decade Istanbul has made aggressive headway in the contemporary culture arena. With the opening of the Istanbul Modern and innovative galleries like Arter and Galerist, the city offers a rich spectrum of art and exploration. A new...
George Kravis
Sponsored content: A consummate collector for more than a decade, George Kravis has cultivated one of the preeminent art collections of industrial design. "I've always been interested in anything with a cord, a plug, a battery or a light," states...
Philip Bither
Sponsored content: Curatorial savant and innovator Philip Bither exudes an infectious enthusiasm for the performing arts, fueling a passion that has spanned more than 25 years. Commissioning a range of artists from the emerging playwright Young...
Mark Allen
Sponsored content: Catering to "overambitious amateur enthusiasts," Machine Project conjures up an idiosyncratic fusion of classes and workshops that masterfully craft pedagogy out of the infinite realm of possibility. Hosting a range of workshops...
Sean Bonner
Sponsored content: Creator, activist and entrepreneur Sean Bonner assumes the cyberpunk intrigue of a character cast in a William Gibson novel one might say. As both a co-founder of L.A.'s hacker haven, Crashspace and regular contributor for BoingBoing...
Hisham Bharoocha
Sponsored content: Brooklyn-based visual artist and musician Hisham Bharoocha blurs the boundaries of artistic medium, creating multi-sensory anthems that deftly move between a daydream quality of images and sound. The skateboarding scenes in...
Kamran Sadeghi
Sponsored content: Navigating the strata of sound, composer and visual artist Kamran Sadeghi maneuvers a digital diving bell that harmoniously discovers new territories forged between art and music. Culling sounds from eclectic sources such as found...