Macbook Retro
Inspired by the Apple IIe (the third model in the Apple II series), a new Colorware creation pays homage to the tech brand's roots. With all that a new MacBook offers, this model honors Apple's '80s image with a light-up, rainbow-colored logo. The...
The Roost 2.0 Laptop Stand
After constant hunching and slouching in front of a laptop forced James Olander to visit the doctor, the former engineer decided to build his own laptop stand. But instead of quickly hacking together a rough makeshift, he spent months over-engineering...
Three Ergonomic Desk Additions
It's no secret that prolonged periods of sitting isn't good for one's health. Hammering away at a keyboard for hours on end is a new phenomenon in the scope of human evolution, and research shows our bodies aren't made for the sedentary life. Heightened...
Foald's Pillar Laptop Stand Remedies Poor Posture
If you're reading this article on your laptop, chances are your back is hunched, elbows are scrunched and your neck is craned. The invention of the portable computer has been a boon for mankind, but as laptops become the preferred machine of choice...
When traveling, weak or over-loaded Wi-Fi signals in hotel or conference rooms can be aggravating. The pocket-sized Kanex MySpot transforms a single Ethernet connection into a wireless hotspot, allowing up to 16 different devices to be connected at...
Cork Laptop Sleeve
Lightweight, durable and easily recyclable, cork goes well beyond simply stopping up bottles of wine to also serve as an eco-friendly way to protect electronic devices. Barcelona- and London-based Tapegear—known for their innovative use of alternative...
One of the brilliant advantages about all-in-one desktop computing is the lack of cordage—unfortunately, those of us who prefer to work off of a notebook and attached display are left with a mess of wires. Previously, we posted about Henge...
Stukk is a new computer stand that finds innovation in simplicity. Entirely conceived and produced in Italy, the design is modular, versatile and made of expanded PVC. The choice of the material makes Stukk resistant to chemicals and corrosives...
Pivot from Defy Bags
Based in Chicago, Defy is a manufacturer of heavy-duty bags constructed from heavy-duty military-grade and upcycled materials. The products are unabashedly overkill—considering their customers are mostly techies and non-traditional businessmen...
Brenthaven BX2 Camera Cases
Brenthaven, a leader in hardcore casing for laptops and devices, recently made the jump to camera bags in a collection that continues their focus on providing the best protection possible. The complete collection includes a lens case, holster, waist...
Adelanto Backpack
Perfect for a summer weekend away, the newly released Adelanto Backpack from Vans' California Collection channels a well-loved vintage aesthetic that seems at home on the road. As a nice change of pace to the tech-driven bags we often encounter...
Henge Docks
As one of the more useful designs in Apple-specific accessories we've seen of late, Henge Docks offers a smart and sleek way to connect your Mac laptop to a desktop monitor or TV. The standup dock secures multiple cords and cables in place to make...
Multicam Dispatch Bag
Blending modern technology with functional design, Triple Aught Design makes high-performance gear durable enough for the mountains and sophisticated enough for the city. Their latest addition, the Multicam Dispatch Bag is suited for everyday carry...
Pelican 1075 HardBack
As faster, prettier, more delicate gadgets arrive everyday, the impulse to protect them has become almost obsessive. Innumerable designs, styles, functions and colors of cases for all kinds of devices sell everywhere from street corners to gas stations...
The Steven
The latest knit product from Krochet Kids, this new zippered laptop case joins the socially-minded outfit's line of beanies in empowering developing regions by encouraging sustainable businesses. Employing Northern Ugandan women to hand-knit the...
Stick With Me Baby
The Stick With Me Baby stickers from imaginative Barcelona-based studio Herraiz Soto & Co cleverly liven up MacBooks. Playing off the glowing Apple symbol, the stickers come in the form of mos and bros. When you're ready to remove it or switch it...
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