Premiere: Asbjørn's BOY PWR
Anyone who grew up in the LGBTQ+ community before the prevalence of the internet was aware of an acute lack of visible, diverse role models. Thanks to pop culture, the wealth of resources provided by social media and more, this has begun to change...
Rainbow Coin Purse
This cheerful coin purse is the right size for loose change and various trinkets and tchotchkes, and the bright rainbow is sure to provoke a smile—no matter how low your funds inside are. With a tip of the hat to the LGBTQ+ community, this embroidered...
"How Dare You Assume I'm Straight" Tank
Straight (or perhaps, directly) to the point, this unisex top is a collaboration between Otherwild and Herstory and is inspired by a tank worn by a participant in Gay Pride Day, NYC back in 1982. The rest of the collection includes a sweet Gay Power...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Digitize Physical Prints With Google's New PhotoScan App With Google's new PhotoScan app, one can digitize their physical photos at home using only the standard smartphone camera. It's not quite up to par with a scanner, but it's a substantial...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Depressing News About Alcohol Bad news for wine enthusiasts and cocktail experts: alcohol has been directly linked to several types of cancer in a new study published in "Addiction." More than liver cancer (which, of course, most people already...
Pride 2016 Style
If there's one universal truth (apart from the age-old adage about death and taxes) it's that respect and love will always be in style. While plenty of people take pride in who they are and support the LGBTQIA community in several ways, the most visible...
Chuck Taylor All Star Pride Sneakers
Love, respect and equality will never not be in fashion. Likewise, Converse's Chuck Taylor sneakers have been a stalwart of style since 1917. Gladly joining the LGBTQ movement, the sneaker brand has created a 2016 Pride collection and our pick is the...
Ace Hotel NYC's Artists-in-Residence Sleep / Walk
For weeks before opening its doors in 2009, the Ace Hotel New York was filled with artists-in-residence and walls were being graced with the work they'd leave—all of which still stands today. Visionary founder Alex Calderwood hand-picked many of...
This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids
Over the last four years, Dannielle Owens Reid and Kristin Russo have used their platform Everyone is Gay to answer pressing questions asked by members of the LGBTQ community and their families. As their charm and wisdom has granted honest hope...
Interview: Jonathan Caouette
On 8 October 2004, "Tarnation"—a film with a $218.32 budget—was released to American audiences. The documentary was unlike anything anyone had seen before. It was 88 minutes of emotional, kinetic storytelling culled from 20 years worth of photographs...
Sundance 2014: Drunktown's Finest
While "Drunktown's Finest" was developed over six years of writing and a year of production and post, the creative expansion and the hurdles it leaped over en route to the 2014 Sundance Film Festival tell a greater story. The film itself—a stouthearted...
Interview: David Levithan
10 years ago, one book re-imagined how a gay love story could be told. Deft, honest and straightforward, The New York Times' best-selling author David Levithan's book "Boy Meets Boy" offered hope to young LGBTQ readers. Now Levithan has done it again...