NYC-Made West 32 Soju
by Sun Pak Step into any Korean restaurant on a weekend night and you'll find similar set-ups at every table: a green bottle of soju perched next to plates of sizzling meats (or bubbling stews) and a collection of small vegetable sides. The...
Premiere: "For Everything That You Lost" by Jambinai
South Korean trio Jambinai—equipped with the country's expressive traditional instruments—pluck, bow and breathe fury and drama into their experimental post-rock music. While the members showed off their technical prowess in the performance video...
Skepta: Man Skepta's world domination is imminent: 6 May sees the release of his LP Konnichiwa, which many have been eagerly awaiting since the London-based MC and producer dropped the single "That's Not Me" (featuring his brother JME) back in...
Jambinai: They Keep Silence
Almost an antithesis to manufactured K-pop is South Korean band Jambinai, who use their country's traditional instruments to rock out with intensity as seen in their music video for experimental metal track "They Keep Silence." Eun Youg Sim vigorously...
Kimchi Kooks
Kimchi has always been a source of Korean pride—yet the obligatory side dish (and cultural symbol) has made headlines in the past few years as cheaper Chinese imports have taken over restaurants and supermarkets. New Yorkers now can get a taste...
Modern Korean Cuisine at Oiji
While there are many small restaurants crammed into Manhattan's block-long Koreatown on 32nd Street, their menus are pretty similar. Each offers the traditional home-cooked staples that Koreans overseas crave, from doenjang jjigae (soybean paste stew...
Cool Hunting Video: Takashi
Manhattan's West Village restaurant, Takashi, isn't your average barbecue joint. To learn more, we spoke with Chef Takashi about preparing beef cuisine, quite literally, from nose to tail. Blending Korean and Japanese flavors and cooking traditions...
L.A. Son
Chef Roy Choi helped kick off the food truck craze back in 2008 with his wildly popular Kogi Truck in LA, in which he served up his now-famous Korean tacos. The godfather of the street food revolution brings us his first book—a memoir and cookbook...