Kibrono's Kimono-Inspired Outerwear For All Genders
by Rachel Ciandella Lucas Allen and Blake Landis, founders of Kibrono, traveled together not long after an introduction from mutual friends. While on the trip they found themselves enjoying loose, flowing garments ​which​ they’d borrowed...
Jamie Leilani Pelayo's Stories + Objects
As the worlds of lifestyle editorial and online retail grow closer and closer, consumers have come to expect a good story with their purchase. Marketing speak and focus group-approved narratives are so prevalent that authenticity is frequently...
Kimono Robe
Inspired by the Japanese yukata (or summer robe) Hotel Saint Cecilia's indigo kimono makes for luxuriant loungewear. Each has been custom made from 100% cotton indigo-dyed batik fabric. These are unisex, one-size-fits-all articles, with a sash belt...
Rudas: Made-in-NYC and Inspired by Budapest's Bathhouses
It started with bathhouses. Both Charlotte Hundley and her partner William McCusker had spent time in Budapest's 16th century bathhouses, before ever meeting each other. "We loved the architecture, meditative rituals, the social aspects, and...
Vintage Patched Boro Kimono
Sri Threads is one of NYC's hidden gems: a boutique collection of rare Japanese and Indian textiles inside an apartment building in Brooklyn's Greenpoint neighborhood. This boro kimono dates back to the mid to late 19th century, woven in a pattern...
Haori Kimono
Inspired by the unique genre of Japanese “pink films,” Floor du Mal has updated one of Japan’s most traditional outfits for super-comfy lounging. Their 100% silk Haori Kimono bears peachy chrysanthemum flowers amidst a rich teal background, and features...
Handmade Pajamas
For those who have been wearing the same T-shirt to bed for the past few years, upgrade your sleep style with these handmade pajamas from young Istanbul collective Poplin Homewear. With a focus on lightweight, pure fabrics—like sheer voile—many of...
Handmade Koro Kimonos
Outside of traditional celebrations and period dramas, kimonos aren't often worn in the Western world. And yet, the comfort of the wrap and its classic design are so widely recognized and loved. With Koro Kimono, Sophie Hart-Walsh and Tara Postma...