Singularity&Co's Campaign to Save Sci Fi
Brooklyn-based bookstore and publishing fixture Singularity&Co has expanded its commitment to rescuing pulp fiction from the past with a Kickstarter campaign called Save the Sci Fi: The Next Generation. In the campaign to resurrect rare, forgotten...
Beam Smart Projector
What if you could program a device to start projecting a video of a calm, quiet shoreline—as your alarm—to help ease you into the day? Or have a social media notification report pop up on your living room wall as soon as you walk through the door...
Pinocchio Barrique Bottle
Crafted from oak drawn from FSC-certified forests in Europe, the beautiful Pinocchio Barrique Bottle marries two of the alcohol world's most valued commodities: wood barrels and glass bottles. Now crowd-funding on Kickstarter, the Barrique Bottle...
Pivotte Performance-Wear for Women on the Go
Lines for stylish, attractive and utilitarian men’s lifestyle-to-gym wear are becoming increasingly common. But for women, the selection is much skimpier, especially if you are looking for versatile pieces that are not overtly sporty. Evelyn Frison...
Femsplain's Female-Powered Content Community
When Amber Gordon left her role as a creative strategist for Tumblr, it wasn't to go on a soul-searching mission. In fact, she had already found her calling—and had founded it in the process. Gordon's brainchild, Femsplain, delivers a platform for...
Mountain-Inspired North Drinkware
Straddling both premium hand-crafted value and advanced technological innovation, the Oregon Pint Glass from North Drinkware offers a drinking vessel worthy of all those tasty Pacific Northwest craft beers. Launching on Kickstarter today, this handblown...
KiiTAG 2 Ultimate Phone Accessory
Though comical in hindsight, the helpless feeling many encounter when their phone dies while away from home can be crippling. Same goes for when trapped in a conversation you'd rather not be having. With solutions to these two situations, and many...
Cafe Racer-Inspired Seals Watches
With its inspiration from battles tanks of the 1940s and cafe racer motorcycles, Seals Watch Company's Model A is a great example of what a micro watch brand can do when blended with a genuine passion for detail. Based in the foothills of the Sierra...
New Basics Premium Sweats
When it comes to basics, it's too easy to simply visit a local chain and buy them on the cheap; after all, basics are made for convenience, and daily wear means frequent replacement. However, these inexpensive items often have a high price socially...
ZANO, a Nano Aerial Drone
For everything from the film and recreation to action sport industries, personal drones have greatly stretched the limits of remote filming in recent years. And, now that they're getting smaller, more affordable and more nimble, they're even becoming...
DonorsChoose Gift Card
In a genius way of connecting teachers in need of funding for classroom projects and altruistic individuals looking to give rather than receive for the holidays, DonorsChoose lets you give the chance to give. Recipients can redeem the value of their...
Interview: Yung Lenox on the "Live Fast, Draw Yung" Documentary
If you're not yet aware of the little creative phenomenon that is Yung Lenox, prepare to be charmed by the seven-year-old artist who spends many of his free hours creating illustrations of rappers and iconic hip-hop album covers. From Cam'ron's pink...
Yoga Joes
Behold, your beloved plastic action figures with a twist—literally. Just funded on Kickstarter and now available for pre-order, Yoga Joes by Brogamats take on a series of unlikely asana poses with clever charm. Warriors, indeed.
Fuffr's Smartphone Case
Two days after the intimate gathering to show its forthcoming Kickstarter film, the Fuffr studio in Stockholm is still full of empty beer cases and helium balloons slowly slinking down the windows. Yet, while many might be fretting at the thought...
Bamboo Ski and Hiking Poles from Soul Poles
On a constant quest to make the ski industry more sustainable, Park City, Utah-based Soul Poles is aiming to reduce cost for consumers and increase its market presence. The brand's SoulLite campaign—currently funding on Kickstarter—is focused on...
Rohan Anderson's The Nursery Project
After being faced with a laundry list of health issues stemming from a life lacking luster and a diet full of processed foods, Australia's Rohan Anderson decided to make a comprehensive life change. As documented on his ever-inspiring blog Whole...
Amigos Playing Cards
After initially planning to start a fundraiser to support the creation of an online card playing club, web- and iOS-focused creative group Fictive Kin decided to center their campaign on something more tangible—simply, playing cards. Thus, the Amigos...
The Possible Project: A Makerspace for Teen Entrepreneurs
In a world where even a college degree seems to be barely enough to start a successful career path of any kind, entry into the workforce now demands a worthy skill set and competitive edge in a global economy. Anticipating this, lifelong entrepreneurs...
In Portland, Oregon, nearly every neighborhood boasts its own brewery, and the takeout container of choice is usually the cheap, refillable and readily available growler. However, the growler has one fatal flaw: its screw-on cap lets in air. Unless...
FireSLEEVE Waterproof Lighter
With fall officially upon those in the northern hemisphere, cold weather camping season has arrived as well. Few images propel us into the outdoors quite like that of a warm campfire with friends. While classic flint and tinder fire-starters are...
Direct-to-Consumer OneGround Shoes
Direct-to-consumer manufacturing companies like Everlane and Warby Parker have attracted a devoted customer following by offering attractive, top-quality products at a fraction of their traditional retail costs. Businessmen, tech geeks and shoe...
Poligon Foldable Sculptures
Anyone with a passion for design—or animals—will be a quick fan of Poligon's foldable magnetic sculptures. The clever British duo, Rodrigo Solorzano and Matthew White, met at the Royal College of Art and have made the perfect team for this project...
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