Looking at Painting Volume 1
Across the 96 pages within the softcover "Looking at Painting Volume 1" arts journal, editor and designer Jessie Churchill (who also happens to be a fine artist) probes the expanding visual landscape of painting today. With care and thought, painting...
Studio Visit: Photographer Jill Greenberg
On the fifth floor of a joint residential/workspace building in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood, photographer Jill Greenberg set up shop back in 1997. While she would leave in 2000 for the West Coast, 12 years later she returned and the studio itself...
Odiseo Vol. 5: (Not) Safe for Work
Since our initial introduction to Odiseo just over two years ago, we've been hooked. With each volume, the sophisticated adult publication delivers thought-provoking texts and essays on subjects ranging from art and culture to existentialism, interspersed...
Miami Art Week 2014: Splatters, Drips and Drops
There's most likely thought behind every minute detail within an artist's work—even if that stray droplet or bleeding line feels more like the product of chance. At this year's Miami Art Week many pieces embraced—even celebrated—the chaos of fluidity...
Miami Art Week 2014: Smears, Swipes and Strokes
Regardless of the movement within contemporary art, process and technique translate to scene and sensation. The following works found across Miami Art Week all invoke sustained strokes, be that caked-on smears stretching across a canvas to petite tip...
Miami Art Week 2014: Reimagining The Human Form
A centuries-long obsession with human form continues to inspire artists across all media. Both the familiar and the unknown, the easy-to-recognize and the purely abstract, it is the self and the other. At this year's Miami Art Week, many works caught...
Satta Presents Spiritual Materialism
Drawing on a combination of illustration, painting and woodworking skills, Joe Lauder has swiftly put Satta—his line of retro-inspired, handmade cruiser skateboards and accompanying apparel—on the global skate and surf radar. His collaborative work...
CHV: Kawasaki Hydrographic Painting
We recently toured the cavernous Kawasaki Motors plant in Lincoln, Nebraska. Within the endless production lines—making products ranging from ATVs to subway cars—we found the company uses several fascinating industrial processes. This is the first...
Studio Visit: Balint Zsako
Balint Zsako, whose work first caught our eye in 2007, disrupts the language of Old Master painting, with a vocabulary of modern symbolism and technique. In his view, "Everything changes, it's important to have things of your own time." Several...
Illustrator Donald Robertson on Great Jones Street
In recent years illustrator Donald Robertson has made a name for himself with technicolor drawings of toothy lipstick smiles, cartoonish animals and fashion industry icons like Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld (as well as his coworkers at Bobbi...
Cry Wolf by Lisa Solberg
LA-based Lisa Solberg paints with bold colorful strokes that convey elements of mystery that evoke an otherworldly spirituality. Her large-scale works reveal passion and intensity through layers upon layers of paint. After the success of her fishbowl...
Kehinde Wiley Paints "The World Stage: Haiti"
Kehinde Wiley searches the world to find models to paint. His travels have taken him to Israel, Lagos and Dakar, China, and Jamaica. More recently, he's traveled to six countries in Africa, where, in each destination, he stopped people on the streets...
Art Everywhere US
There's no questioning Times Square's cultural relevancy. While it's currently mostly full of big box chain stores, gimmicky restaurants and ticket hustlers, the fact remains that it's one of the most iconic public spaces in the world. Now—to the...
Vanessa Prager's Dreamers
Vanessa Prager is no stranger to CH—whether she's wielding a paintbrush or a ballpoint pen over vintage music sheets, the LA-based artist always surprises with her next move. Described by Prager as "dripping, melting, fading out portraits," her newest...
David Flores + Division 1 Bicycles' Iconic Bike Prints
At its core, the design of a bicycle is traditionally comprised of two circles and two triangles. Since its inception, there has been a constant desire to continue improving the simple (but clever) machine. Bold use of carbon fiber, daring geometries...
Charged Video: Aerosyn-Lex Meštrović
With an extensive background in calligraphy and graphic design, New York City–based artist Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic elegantly meshes the two visual forms across an array of media. Strongly rooted at the base of all his work is a visceral connection...
Michael Cina and John Klukas: She Who Saw The Deep
It's not often two artists combine their talents for a collaborative gallery show—especially when those artists have as strong visions as Michael Cina and John Klukas. Cina's career in visual arts, graphic design and art direction is a decorated...
Studio Visit: Belle Helmets
Danielle Baskin first popped up on our radar as the artist who was painting the easily recognizable (and for those from the Northwest, iconic) PDX airport carpet patterns onto bike helmets. Evidently, she paints a lot more than that (though these...
Cool Hunting Video: David Sena
Several years ago, we visited artist David Sena's studio to peep behind the curtain and find out about his unique process. Sena (who has given a few CH staff members tattoos in the past) creates large-scale artworks using an unusual method: the...
The Journal at Venus Over Manhattan
Far away from the Chelsea and Upper East Side galleries, The Journal Gallery in Williamsburg continues to beckon collectors and admirers with promises of the next big thing. Names like Dan Colen, Chris Martin and Rita Ackermann are the foundation...
John Knuth's Fly Paintings
To create the paintings for his "Master Plan" series (on show now at Chicago's Andrew Rafacz Gallery), LA-based artist John Knuth feeds a mixture of sugar and watercolor paint to hundreds of thousands of common houseflies. As the flies eat, they...
Interview: Jennifer Mehigan
There's twofold brilliance within the large-scale works of Sydney-educated, Singapore-based artist Jennifer Mehigan. From a purely visual standpoint, her swirls and slashes, blobs and explosive use of color please an exploring eye. Delving further...
Studio Visit: Amelie Mancini
by Eva Glettner The multi-talented Amelie Mancini is a Brooklyn-based French artist who works with a variety of mediums—from wood to linen to wool—to create her playful, colorful artworks. Her fascination with baseball, born from the first game...
Armory Week 2014: Spikes and Speckles
This year's Armory Show brought together a multitude of respected galleries, and the contemporary and modern artwork of the talent they represent. In its 15th year, the show displayed artwork that excelled—and surprises were around every corner. Quite...
Walter Battiss Ceramics
Greatly inspired by archaeology and rock art, the late South African artist Walter Battiss beautifully fused indigenous stone markings with abstract painterly concepts to become one of the country's premier painters. Battiss was dubbed "the Bushman...
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