Compass Cultura
Miles away from Lonely Planet, NatGeo and Fodor's, you'll find Compass Cultura, a new digital approach to travel journalism. The ad-free, subscription-based project aims to elevate the genre by celebrating creative, thought-provoking writing above...
Hunter S. Thompson's "The Curse of Lono" Reissued
After nearly a decade out of print, Hunter S. Thompson and Ralph Steadman's "The Curse of Lono" is again back on the shelves. Originally published in 1983 and heralded as the devilish duo's most eccentric piece of work, the book follows the two...
Interactive Education with 1000 Days of Syria
When journalist Mitch Swenson ventured into the north of Syria in September 2013, he witnessed the tragic depths of the war first-hand. Most of the conflict coverage centered around the cities, but Swenson soon found that no person was left untouched...
Yahoo! News Digest App
With our smartphones in our pocket wherever we go, keeping up with world headlines requires just a single tap. But standing in line at the grocery store or distractedly waiting to board a plane aren't the most convenient times to absorb long-form...
Stipla Magazine
Instead of trying to configure print or website content to fit onto iPad screen, a team in London decided to take advantage of the tablet's capabilities and employ it as a unique medium for sharing stories. Stipla is a new iPad magazine that combines...
Interview: Adam Broomberg
Photography isn't a practice that's conducive to duos; in fact, from a more general perspective, most contemporary visual artists are solitary figures. Thus, the story of duo Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin is a slightly peculiar yet significant...
Brandt Nudes
This hardcover book of work by renowned photographer Bill Brandt explores the high contrast and distorted nude form in conjunction with built and natural landscapes.
Gonzo: A Graphic Biography of Hunter S. Thompson
Illustrator Anthony Hope-Smith adds graphic appeal to Will Bingley's captivating look at the legendary American writer Hunter S. Thompson and his notorious Gonzo style.
Victory Journal: The Greatest
The fourth iteration of Victory Journal—a sports publication born out of creative agency Doubleday & Cartwright—focuses squarely on Muhammad Ali. With a cover image of the Champ by Thomas Hoepker, "The Greatest" is a large format newsprint...
Dedicated to long-form, local human-interest journalism based around NYC, the web-based publication, marks a sign of changing times for the medium, where the rift between breaking content and meditated stories is causing outlets to...
Portable Monuments
"Portable Monuments" presents the exhibition of a visual code of brightly colored blocks used to decipher the surplus of images accompanying news headlines. The brainchild of artist duo Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, the project marks the third...
Seeking Interns and Writers
Are you a budding writer or student eager to learn the inner workings of online publishing? If you like what Cool Hunting does and want to be a part of it, we want to hear from you. We're looking for interns to help with all aspects of publishing the...
Film Production Apps
As lightweight devices tailored for on-the-go activity, the iPad and iPhone has already made fans out of filmmakers who want to stay in touch on set. Increasingly, clever applications are turning these digital tools into integral parts of the filmmaking...