Jim Meehan

Six Chic Cocktails, Each Featuring a Different Base Alcohol
New York City is never in short supply of jazzy venues with signature mixed drinks. Traversing cocktail bars and parties, one confronts a number of concoctions, some successful and others not so much. The following six drinks made their way to our...
Hong Kong's Brand New American Express Centurion Lounge
An airport lounge can change the outcome of an entire trip, be that allowing a guest to prepare or recuperate, breathe, eat or even check their emotions. When it comes to the anatomy of such a lounge, a handful of attributes truly matter. A food and...
Interview: Jim Meehan on The New "Meehan’s Bartender Manual"
Jim Meehan loves to read cocktail books. Respectively, cocktail enthusiasts are likely to have his 2011 PDT book. Now, Meehan debuts his long-awaited "Bartender Manual." With more than two decades of experience tending bar, Meehan addresses the art...
Five Drinks from Aspen's Apres Ski Cocktail Classic
For its fourth iteration, the Aspen Après Ski Cocktail Classic saw an array of global drink-making talent descend upon the mountain city to mingle with their already strong crop of cocktail creators. The event—sponsored by William Grant & Sons—takes...
Cool Hunting Video: The Sidecar Bar Cart
For his latest collaboration with Moore and Giles, expert bartender Jim Meehan—of PDT fame—decided to take a stab at creating the ultimate bar cart. Going above and beyond, Meehan focused on creating a super-durable and highly functional cart that...
PDT's Cocktail Expert Jim Meehan Tackles Airport Lounges
For a bartender with as much knowhow as Jim Meehan (his PDT book forever changed how many think about and make cocktails), his legendary drinks make him something of mythical figure to many cocktail experts, who are willing to travel far and wide...