Jill Greenberg

Studio Visit: Photographer Jill Greenberg
On the fifth floor of a joint residential/workspace building in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood, photographer Jill Greenberg set up shop back in 1997. While she would leave in 2000 for the West Coast, 12 years later she returned and the studio itself...
Photographer Jill Greenberg presents a mystifying new collection in "Horses," a photography book that showcases equine majesty. Greenberg will be familiar to regular CH readers for her other series, which range from crying babies to bears and monkeys...
99% Conference Giveaway
We're super excited around here for our upcoming 99% conference we're putting on with Behance. The two-day affair will be a look at how the inspiring art, design and culture that CH represents comes to be, and how the creatives like those...
Jill Greenberg: Ursine
The latest subject to get photographer Jill Greenberg's black-belt photoshop treatment are members of the Ursidae family. Known for her images of crying babies and more recently for her portraits of monkeys, the bear series continues to explore...
Ben Backhouse
Jill Greenberg video.]
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Jill Greenberg
Jill Greenberg was tagged The Manipulator in the early '90s when she became known for transforming photos into surreal portraits by tweaking colors, cutting and pasting and otherwise distorting images. The work she created at the beginning of her...
Jill Greenberg: End Times
Many of the photographers represented by Paul Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles are defining photography’s emergent stylistic tendencies. In two years, magazines will be filled with celebrity portraits aping Jill Greenbergâ...