Jeff Koons

Bob Colacello's Curatorial Debut at Vito Schnabel Gallery
For those familiar with the name Bob Colacello, it may come as a surprise that he hasn't curated a gallery exhibition until now. A close Warhol confidante—and the force behind Interview magazine through the 1970s until '83—Colacello's journalistic...
The Deitch Projects: Live the Art
In 2010, when the enigmatic curator Jeffrey Deitch closed his SoHo gallery, the Deitch Projects, to become the director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA, he left a vacuum in New York’s own contemporary art community. Once the unofficial clubhouse...
Art Studio America
An artist's space can reveal as much about him or her as their actual artworks can, an idea that CH explores in our regular Studio Visit series. Taking things to a new level is "Art Studio America," a massive, 600-page book from Thames & Hudson...