Light Denim for Spring
The world of denim is a wide one to say the least. With roots in workwear, the fabric staple has become a casual (and more recently) everyday wardrobe standby. The myriad types of denim, along with the range of cuts and colors is a continual source...
RE/DUN: Vintage Jeans With a Modern Fit
The biggest problem with shopping for vintage jeans is that tailoring is usually a requirement, further extending the initial commitment of both time and money. Uniting storied denim with a contemporary silhouette is LA's new womenswear brand RE...
Denim Dudes: A Book About Men and Their Jeans
At any given time, approximately 50% of the global population is wearing a pair of jeans—at least, so says Amy Leverton, a leading denim expert and author of "Denim Dudes," a new photography-based book documenting over 80 men and their denim. While...
Unwashed Denim Raw Bomber Jacket
For many, it's during their college years when an interest in design and fashion is discovered. For New York's Will Berman—who we met at our 2013 Pitch Night—the passion took root at a much younger age; at 15 he started his own label, Unwashed Denim...
Gamine Co. Dungarees
Horticulturist Taylor Johnston couldn't find sensible work clothes she wanted to wear, so she started Gamine Workwear for women. The Dungarees follow the line's commitment to good, durable gear that is tailored to fit the female form.
Gamine Co. Workwear Jeans for Women
While there's been a boom in the raw selvedge denim market recently, there are still very limited style options for women—particularly those whose jobs ask a lot of their jeans. When Taylor Johnston, a horticulturist at New England's treasured Isabella...
Light Wash Denim Done Right
All images of Britney and JT's infamous denim-on-denim outfits and Zack Morris references aside, light-wash denim is in vogue yet again—though this time around it's simply more about easy summer style. While last spring saw some solid stonewash offerings...
Baldwin Denim Women's Collection
When Baldwin Denim opened a new store in their home base of Kansas City last year, the brand quietly soft launched a women's collection which they showcased in-store. Ever since, we've been eagerly waiting to see how their low-key, comfortable yet...
Raleigh Workshop's Certified Organic Cotton Project
By now one would think all great ideas have already been considered and executed in the world of denim. With this in mind, sometimes the best way to take a step forward in a saturated market is to revisit the most basic question of all. For Raleigh...
Raw Selvedge Denim iPhone Sleeve
More than individually made by hand, on a single machine, all Unwashed Denim products are designed, sewn, packaged and shipped by one NYC teenager, Will Berman. Composed of the highest quality 12.5 oz Japanese sanforized selvedge denim and accented...
Levi's® Product Icons
Advertorial content: Levi’s® impact is indelible and the identity they've developed represent a universal timelessness. The world-famous brand's three icons—the Western, the Trucker and the 501® jeans—remain fixtures; applicable to any...
Parke Active Denim
After funding their first selvedge denim jeans with a successful Kickstarter campaign in early 2013, NYC-based Parke is at it again with a more innovative idea in mind: A pair of raw denim jeans woven with one percent elastane for enough stretch...
Baldwin Denim in Kansas City
Baldwin Denim has opened its very first store that showcases both their men's and women's collections. Located in central Kansas City, it's the brand's first physical expansion since their brick-and-mortar flagship selling just men's attire. Baldwin...
3sixteen + Thomas Hooper, the Decade Collection
In the fast-paced world of fashion, brands come and go with the seasons. NYC-based 3sixteen is one label that continues to stand strong with its commitment to craftsmanship and quality. Specializing in denim, 3sixteen is celebrating its 10-year...
Levi's Vintage Clothing and Made & Crafted Fall 2013
While we're enjoying the warm weather here in NYC, we've been thinking about fall fashion since seeing the heavily textured FW13 collections for Levi's sub-brands Levi's Made & Crafted and Levi's Vintage Clothing earlier this past spring. And now...
Levi's 501 Interpretations
No matter your preference for denim—be it raw selvedge or dad jeans—it's impossible to ignore the classics. And nobody knows this better than Levi's. To celebrate the 140th anniversary of the 501 jeans—which made their debut in 1873—Levi's will...
Mats Andersson, the co-founder of Indigofera says the Swedish denim label, which is embedded in the very roots of the country's jeans history, approaches denim in a different way. He explains that "the basic idea was not to do what everyone else...
Nudie Jeans Recycled Denim Rugs
Following in the footsteps of last spring's limited-edition Post Recycled Dry denim launch, Nudie Jeans is back with another ecologically-minded initiative. This time the Swedish denim brand branches into interiors with a limited run of Post-Consumer...
3D Design
Advertorial content: 
 In an industry built on traditionalism and heritage before innovation, G-Star RAW continues to push the envelope with next-generation design. When the company first introduced the Elwood in 1996, the denim world hadn't seen...
Levi's® Side Tie Dress
Advertorial Content: Soon-to-be-wed college sweethearts, Michael Tyburski and Perrin Drumm also happen to be Cool Hunting contributors. Michael has directed several of our videos including Minnesota Roller Girls, Brimfield Antique Fair and Bristol...
Jacob Davis
Born in Riga, Latvia in 1831, Jacob Youphes changed his name to Jacob Davis when he moved to the US in 1854. After series of his businesses failed, Davis, a tailor, reverted to his original skills to make ends meet. A prophetic meeting with a customer...
Levi's® Commuter Series
Advertorial Content: Soon-to-be-wed college sweethearts Michael Tyburski and Perrin Drumm also happen to be Cool Hunting contributors. Michael has directed several of our videos including Minnesota Roller Girls, Brimfield Antique Fair and Bristol...
As the name implies, I AM NOT A VIRGIN uses recycled—non virgin—materials to produce their jeans and T-shirts. Now nearly four years into the business, founder Peter Heron is reaching out to his audience with a Kickstarter to keep...
3x1 Denim Solution
Scott Morrison's SoHo store 3x1 is a denim-lover's dream, allowing shoppers to create their own pair of bespoke jeans, or customize a limited edition pair from one of their existing patterns. We interviewed Morrison last summer when the store opened...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Roy Denim
Hidden on a back street in Oakland, California in an unassuming warehouse lies what may be the pinnacle of denim craftsmanship in the USA. Roy Denim, the second of our videos to premiere at last week's 99% Conference, is actually just one man, Roy...
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