Jawbone UP Gets Back on Track
Released earlier this spring, the new generation of Jawbone UP products (2, 3 and 4, the latter which includes contactless AmEx payments on top of heart rate and temperature tracking) offered a favorable initial impression, but after a few weeks...
Jawbone UP 2, 3, 4
Jawbone, an early mover in the wearable fitness tracker category, today announced two new products and shared updates on a third. The UP2 replaces the UP24, the UP3 adds cardiovascular and temperature tracking and the UP4 layers in contactless payments...
Jawbone ERA
We'd all but given up on wireless headsets. As convenient as it is to be hands-free, many devices are clunky, too heavy and occasionally ineffective. With today's release Jawbone is changing all that. Having mastered the quantified self movement...
Jawbone UP 24 Data Visualization
As noted before, not only is information useful, it's also beautiful. Recognizing this, the recently appointed VP of Data at sleep and health data tracking device Jawbone, Monica Rogati, has partnered with artist Shantell Martin to utilize all the...
Jawbone's intuitive UP bracelet tracks motion, sleep and if you let it, dietary intake, reminding you when you need to move around, hit the pillow or eat raw veggies all day to cancel out last night's turducken feast. We won't say that this bracelet...
Mini Jambox
You never have to worry about being overdressed, not having RSVPed, being late or overstaying the party, when you are the party. Jawbone's Mini Jambox is an all-time favorite speaker companion as we thump our way through life. Besides giving one-touch...
Mini Jambox
Since its introduction in November 2010, Jawbone's Jambox has done what few products in its space have: remained relevant. While we've since seen various iterations of the Yves BĂ©har design, from Big Jambox to our very own CH Edition Jambox, the...
Hands On: The New Jawbone UP
Initially released this time last year, the Jawbone UP, designed by Yves Behar, made its debut as a holistic life tracker worn on the wrist 24/7. As you may remember, the bendable band syncs with an iPhone app to record bodily information such as...
Jambox Remix
When something is modular and colorful creative-types can't help but mix and match parts. As fans of the Jawbone's Jambox since its launch, we have a few here at CH HQ and are guilty of dismantling and reassembling them in different colorways. With...
Big Jambox
Just released as a follow-up to the diminuitive Jambox speaker, Jawbone presents Big Jambox, a scaled-up version of the wireless speaker setup. In part a nod to the boombox speakers that gained popularity in the '70s, the device delivers full sound...
From Yves Béhar of fuseproject, the design mind behind the "XO" laptop for the One Laptop per Child program, Jawbone UP and Jambox, comes Sabi, a line of medication vessels aimed at bringing beauty and efficiency to an everyday necessity. The...
Gifts for Good
Since this is the season for giving, we have selected various items from our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide that benefit communities and charitable organizations around the world. Particularly pleasing for the folks that have everything and want to share...
Jawbone UP: Now Available
We wrote about the Jawbone UP when it was announced in July, and spoke with designer Yves Behar about its many attributes. The stylish, rechargeable, accelerometer-powered device may not be revolutionary in its abilities, but like the iPhone it has...
CH Edition: Jambox
When the Jawbone team stopped by Cool Hunting a few weeks back to show us their Bluetooth-compatible portable speaker—dubbed the Jambox—naturally we had initial reservations about just how powerful the tiny speaker system could really...