Evo Hair Products
With the amount of sun and surf streaming out of Australia, creating a top of the line hair product to tame their manes is a concept Evo takes seriously. The brainchild of Gavin Von Gavin, Evo's irreverent range of hair treatments saves "...
Stop Talking
Who hasn't at one time wished for a simple way to put the kibbosh on chatty types who never seem to run out of things to say? Ironically, this 25-card deck from Set Editions is more likely to be used as a conversation starter than as an actual...
Giant Microbes
Giant Microbes is a line of esoteric plushies that explores the scientific rather than the usual adorable or fantasy based toys. What child wouldn't want to see, hold and play with the Ebola virus, a bed bug, a flu virus, or a Giardia microbe...
Peering into the Urinal
Knowing our obsession with toilet themes (Sofitel in Queenstown, New Zealand. Apparently the life sized images of girls peering in to the urinals are creating quite a buzz down under.
Voodoo Knife Holder
This one hit my sick sense of humor right in the sweet spot. Cast in ABS, its morbid brilliance is the creation of Raffaele Iannello at the Italian firm Viceversa. I can't yet find any information on where to get one, so if you know please share...
Heidi of Coudal Partners came up with this snappy little solution to dealing with obnoxious cell phone users. The .pdf includes several different versions of a card that you can print, cut out and hand to cell yellers. Brought to you by SHHH! The...