Flow: Honey From the Hive
Honey has historically been used to treat burns, cuts, allergies, stomach ailments and was even thought to improve general life expectancy by the ancient Greeks. Eating honey made locally is said to have the greatest immune and allergen benefits...
The Robotic Future of Pour-Over Coffee: Poursteady
The crowded premium coffee shop: on the one hand, it's a lively communal living room where conservations mingle and the energy is palpable—all walks-of-life coming together in the common search for next level java. On the other hand (and often where...
Inventions that Didn't Change the World
For every groundbreaking new idea that changes the world as we know it, there are thousands (if not more) that are entirely useless—whether or not they were inspired, clever or even ingenious at their moment of inception. In "Inventions that Didn...
Ototo by Dentaku
We've all found ourselves banging out a rhythm with some produce or tapping the keys to an imaginary keyboard on a pile of books—right? Now music creativity has reached ingenious new heights with the Ototo, an all-in-one musical instrument invention...
Inventor's Kit
Great for both the beginner and experienced user, the SparkFun Inventor's Kit provides the necessary building blocks to get started in the wondrous world of embedded electronics. Included are all the tools for create circuits, as well as a full-color...
The Art of Rube Goldberg
Rube Goldberg was a Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist, inventor of convoluted yet weirdly-brilliant machines—like Professor Butts and the Self-Operating Napkin—a humorist, sculptor, author and engineer. Loaded with never-before-seen essays, letters...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: David Edwards
We recently had the chance to spend some time with David Edwards, founder of Le Laboratoire, an unassuming space in Paris which houses a very modern center for art, science and design. Edwards, a Harvard professor, chemical engineer and biotech...
QuoTED 2013
While in the audience at last week's TED conference we kept the tweeting to a minimum and instead used the old-school pen and paper to capture some of our favorite moments. After reviewing them all, here are the quotations that hit us the hardest...
Highlights from the 2013 TED Fellows
Four years have passed since the first TED Fellows took the stage, and in that time the community has grown to 310 total members representing 75 countries. The current crop of 20 impressed the crowd yesterday as they discussed current and future projects...
Tic Sweden
It's hard to find something cuter than a button. Shiny and simple, the notion serves a single, important purpose—aside from providing fairytale currency—but can be downright infuriating when it chooses to go asunder. Enter Tic, a cheeky...
Low-Tech Factory
For its 14th edition earlier this month, Designers' Saturdays in Langenthal, Switzerland invited ECAL undergraduate and Masters students in industrial and product design to let their imagination run free while developing a series of machines exploring...
Ian Ruhter
The 2012 Palm Springs Photo Festival Portfolio Review is the nation's largest photography review program for both commercial and fine art photographers, and it offers the rare opportunity for photographers to get their work in front of some of...
Kids can let their imaginations run wild playing with the recently released Clump-O-Lump stuffed animals, a zip-and-match menagerie of zany creatures invented by the little ones themselves. Created by an equally youthful and ambitious industrial...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Omni Heat Electric
Advertorial content: Given the opportunity to create a video with Columbia Sportswear we were excited to get a behind-the-scenes look at the innovation at the core of the brand's philosophy. We took a trip out to Portland, Oregon and spent some...
Patrick Stevenson-Keating
Setting up shop at Designersblock in a relatively quiet spot in the vast London Design Festival, Patrick Stevenson-Keating managed to avoid the clamoring masses on opening night. What he may lack in promotional capabilities he more than makes...
Aeroshot Pure Energy
In an age when medical marvels such as inhalable vaccines are becoming more widely available, it's only logical that this convenient medium converges with the global energy drink boom. While increasingly smaller forms span shot-like bottles...
Alternative Clocks
Our pace and focus on the short-term these days seems to have surpassed the steady tick-tock of time passing. Groups like The Long Now Foundation aim to counteract this phenomenon by encouraging long-term thinking. To foster this world view—...
Blest Machine
While denaturing plastics is a relatively common practice, the compact Blest machine simplifies the process to a "safe to use at home" degree. Claiming to be the safest, cleanest and most user-friendly form yet, inventor Akinori Ito's portable...
The Looftlighter
Sick of grilled chicken tasting like lighter fluid, theater director Richard Looft made his first prototype by using a reversed vacuum to blow air onto a toaster filled with charcoal. When he saw that the coal was ready to use in just a few minutes...
Fifty Cars That Changed The World
Newest in the London Design Museum "World Changing" book series is Fifty Cars That Changed The World. Writer Andrew Nahum, Principal Curator of Technology and Engineering at London's Science Museum, presents a selection of cars that over 90 years...
Sound artist Diego Stocco—featured here previously for his Music From a Tree—has gone and reinvented a musical instrument again. When he contacted us recently to tell us about it, he could barely contain his excitement. â€...
Slicer Sled
The Slicer by Ice Meister allows kids to sled year round, using ice blocks attached to the bottom of the sled as a propeller during summer months. With its contoured shape and low profile runners the Slicer functions as a normal sled perfect for...
Gadget Nation
When considering the success of the iPod it's easy to forget the thousands of failed inventions left in its wake. Steve Greenberg's new book, Gadget Nation, attempts to shine a light on some of the homegrown entrepreneurs who face the daunting...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Maker Faire 2007: Part One
In the first of a two-part series, we visit Make magazine's second annual Maker Faire in the SF Bay Area. There we meet Dale Dougherty, the editor and publisher of Make and founder of the Maker Faire. We also learn about Art Center College for Design...