Interactive Design

Designing Hermès' Petit H Holiday Factory
For over a century, Parisian luxury brand Hermès' commitment to quality has meant that no imperfect product made its way to retail. In 2010, any piece with an imperfection (and remnant material from production) found its way to a new home: the petit...
Interview: Jonathan Harris
We first spoke with artist Jonathan Harris six years ago and gained some insight into his process and work at the time. Since, Harris has continued to create extremely involved and engaging work, exploring the human condition through a technological...
Digital Apollo
In Digital Apollo, MIT professor of the history of engineering David Mindell plumbs the archives at the university in order to explore the tenuous relationship between man and machine during the Apollo landings. While machines had long defined human...
Playground Sessions
Gaming meets Chopin with Playground Sessions, a downloadable software that teaches piano through its breakthrough "Play to Learn" approach. Riffing on the strumming-to-scoring simulation of Guitar Hero, Playground Sessions enables users to practice...
John Kestner
Among the dystopian visions of a Matrix-style digital future, interaction designer John Kestner comes as a welcome voice, "enhancing the successful physical interfaces between humans and objects." The graduate and research affiliate of M.I.T. Media...
Build Up!
Last week design firm Rockwell Group's interactive team, The Lab, completed their latest project aptly-named Build Up!. The one-night-only install came in the form of a four-sided hanging screen, designed and built for the 25th Anniversary National...