Link About It: This Week's Pick
1. Harper Lee, Author of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ Has Died Few works of fiction have carried as much of a resounding impact as Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird. Beyond its commercial success, the book introduced an array of beloved characters...
From the makers of gTar (a digital guitar that works with an iPhone to make learning it much, much easier) comes Keys. The minimalist keyboard has 24 keys that light up but also respond to gestures; for example, wave your hand to the left to transpose...
Art or Sound at Fondazione Prada
Ca' Corner della Regina is a majestic Venetian palazzo overlooking Canal Grande, built between 1723 and 1728 by Domenico Rossi. At the end of 2010 Fondazione Prada began a restoration process on the historic building while also breathing new life...
Interview: Roger Linn
Without a multi-million dollar budget, high-tech research lab or an engineering degree, Roger Linn created the LM-1 Drum Computer in 1979, the first programmable drum machine that used digital samples of acoustic drums. Unlike other drum machines...
Ototo by Dentaku
We've all found ourselves banging out a rhythm with some produce or tapping the keys to an imaginary keyboard on a pile of books—right? Now music creativity has reached ingenious new heights with the Ototo, an all-in-one musical instrument invention...
Cool Hunting Video: Cantabile Piano Arts
In Yonkers, NY, an extensive collection of piano cases, keys, pedals, bridges and strings reside in the Cantabile Piano Arts warehouse. Each part is waiting in queue to be utilized by a passionate team who work to repair, refinish and reconstruct...
gTar by Incident
Anyone who has tried to learn guitar has, no doubt, found that there's more to shredding like Jimi Hendrix than paisley scarves—playing guitar takes hours of practice and serious dedication. For those looking for a more interactive guitar-learning...
Lignum Vitae Guitar Picks
Ra Denney, a musician and creator of Surfpick, is committed to the idea that the pick is the crucial link between the player and instrument. These hand-sculpted picks are made in Ocala, Florida entirely of 100% Lignum Vitae, the strongest, densest...
OP-1 Portable Synthesizer
Stockholm-based design shop Teenage Engineering has worked out how to brighten those dark Swedish winters with this portable sequencer, which merges the best of analog with the latest in digital technology.
Land of Light
Land Of Light, an eponymous new album from London-based duo Jonny Nash and Kyle Martin, is an ethereal labor of love intended for serious listening. The talented musicians spent the last three years creating the 37-minute-long LP, and the upshot...
Pocket Piano
Forget strings and keys. Just turn a knob to play Critter & Guitari’s Pocket Piano. “We wanted anyone to be able to make music anywhere,” says Christopher Kucinski, who designed the gadget with partner Owen Osborn. 
J. Glinert
When you ask East Londoner Tom Budding to tell you about the selection of items in his newly opened shop, his face lights up. Stocked with a handsome assortment of practical goods sure to delight any discerning adult, J. Glinert is Budding's professional...
Remote Recording
For outdoor live shows, off-set film shoots and small club gigs, on-site recording isn't as easy as it sounds. Bringing a solution to locations where facilities aren't available, Remote Recording puts a fully functioning studio inside a coincidentally...
The String Orchestra of Brooklyn
The String Orchestra of Brooklyn (SOB) is committed to an inclusive approach to music-making, opening up their expert ensemble to a range of site-specific musical experiments and collaborations with musicians from around the greater New York area...
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