Mary Lattimore's Ambient Playlist
"Ambient" is too often a lazy title thrown at any track without a steady beat, and the word cannot do justice to the veins of artists at hand experimenting with voice, instrument, or even electronics. Mary Lattimore—who commands a harp—has put...
Delicate Steve: Winners
Delicate Steve, the alter ego of Steve Marion, can often be seen around intimate NYC venues in a tank top—shredding like no mere mortal. The guitar whisperer has lent his talents to Yeasayer's and Paul Simon's most recent albums, co-wrote a song with...
ETHEL + Robert Mirabal: Tuvan Ride
Genre-crossing string quartet ETHEL's latest endeavor is a new studio album with their regular collaborator, native American musician Robert Mirabal. Merging classical with the sacred and spiritual, The River releases 24 June via Innova Recordings...
Shigeto: Pulse
Having stayed quiet for the past two years while touring and working on other projects (like forming the jazz quartet High Risk), Detroit-based Shigeto has resurfaced with the beautifully composed instrumental electronic track "Pulse." With vocal samples...
The Alchemist: Israeli Salad
The Alchemist (who has produced for acts including Nas, Ghostface Killah and Snoop Dogg) released his Israeli Salad instrumental LP this week, and it's quite a doozy. Inspired by a 2011 trip to Israel, and using just samples from the Middle East, the...
Fugazi Edits
Founder of music label Case/Martingale and recent resident DJ at Marie Claire magazine, music maker and producer Chris Lawhorn has created Fugazi Edits, a new record made entirely by sampling every single song in the band Fugazi's discography. The...
Shaken or Stirred
Advertorial content: As we reach the final days of summer the breeze picks up and the air cools down, making it the perfect time to unwind with a group of friends with a well-deserved Tanqueray cocktail in hand. No party is complete without some...