Sundance 2015: New Frontier Immersion
While virtual reality filmmaking has been getting much attention at this year's Sundance Film Festival, other groundbreaking content from the New Frontier films and installations division reimagines storytelling in equally compelling, immersive ways...
Joshua Light Show + Inherent Vice at the Ace, Shoreditch
A kaleidoscope of swirling, colorful shapes move up, down and around the windows of The 100 Room at Shoreditch’s Ace Hotel. The shapes come together and float apart, creating bubbles and cascading color explosions that look like fungi and haemoglobin...
The Office For Creative Research
NYC-based The Office for Creative Research unites three internationally renowned media artists—Jer Thorp, Ben Rubin and Mark Hansen—in an exploration of data's expressive possibilities. OCR harnesses vast troves of raw data, streaming it through...
2014 OUTDOOR Urban Art Festival in Rome
At the recent private preview of the OUTDOOR Urban Art Festival in Rome, we were approached by two men in their 60s while we stood outside of the massive gates of an abandoned house in San Lorenzo. While uninvited, they were welcomed by curator Francesco...
INST-INT 2014: Conference Highlights
From the founders of technology festival Eyeo comes a smaller, more tightly focused offshoot called INST-INT. Now in its second year, the stimulating three-day experience saw roughly 300 people gravitate to Minneapolis' Walker Art Center to glean...
Ai Weiwei: @Large
The throng arrived early and in large groups for the first departure of the day to Alcatraz Island from Pier 33 in San Francisco. After ferry-goers disembarked boat, it was clear who was there to see political dissident Ai Weiwei’s new show, @Large...
XXL Art: When Artists Think Big
Love it or hate it, large-scale art does exactly what art is meant to do: to provoke a thought and maybe even knock the norm on its ass. "XXL Art: When Artists Think Big" by Elea Baucheron showcases jumbo installations like Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate...
The Influence of Furniture on Love
Economist John Maynard Keynes isn’t necessarily the sort of person you think would inspire a contemporary art show—even if he did hang out with the Bloomsbury Group. But at the Wysing Arts Centre outside Keynes’ hometown of Cambridge, a new exhibition...
Formafantasma: From Then On
One of the more cleverly named design studios, London's Established & Sons has lived up to its moniker over the years, and 2015 will mark the progressive company's 10-year anniversary. To celebrate the indelible impact they've had on the industry...
In Waves: Arp + RO/LU + Paul Clipson
Electronic musician Alexis Georgopoulos (aka Arp) is no stranger to collaboration or experimentation. The NYC-based artist has worked with as many fellow musicians as he has painters, sculptors and illustrators. His latest work with Minneapolis studio...
"Shadowing" Street Project, Bristol
Walk down the streets of Bristol—a university city in England’s West Country—after dark, and while passing under a streetlight, you might find yourself sharing the illuminated circle with the ghosts of visitors past: someone else’s shadow walking...
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