Independent Publishers

Collecting Words
There's something about text found outside of screens and pages, in the "wild," that grabs our attention. It's the way they make a declaration in the public realm, trying to join our personal conversations. For the past five years—starting around...
Ideas On Paper
by Ian Sanders Alex Smith started his career working for big London retailers like Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, yet his ambition was always to open his own shop. In March 2014, he did just that. It feels a world away from London's fashionable...
Wild Life Press + Table of Contents
Steve Terry is the man behind Wild Life Press, an independent publisher that creates limited edition books (among other things, like a lookbook and even a flexi disc) working in close conjunction with the artist or subject. And by "close," Terry...
Stay Wild Magazine
by Eva Glettner Stay Wild founders—husband and wife team Amy and Justin Morrison—are self-professed adventurers who live by their new magazine's mission statement. The duo (the former a business planner and the latter a creative director with over...
Masterpiece Coloring Book
Often irreverent and always original, Zurich-based indecent publishing house Nieves has been publishing offbeat zines and art books since 2001, for a dedicated fan base that's global and ever-growing. Their latest release, "Masterpiece Coloring...
The New Heroes & Pioneers
Art books should have a certain allure, one that makes you want to open its cover and discover the story within. Many of the major book publishers, however, have found themselves in a rut. The same big name artists—both deceased and living—make regular...