Independent Publications

Polanski Vol. 04
In 2010, NYC-based Art Director Irwin Tobias Matutina started Polanski, a Tumblr dedicated to excellent found photography featuring equally attractive women. Needless to say, their collective sharp eye for high-quality images quickly gathered a large...
Krass Journal
It takes sass and guts to stand out among the plethora of newly founded independent print publications crowding the scene these days. Catching us by its name and hooking us in with its content, the Adelaide, Australia-based KRASS Journal describes...
Sumzine Slow Fashion Magazine
No one knows more about the ins and outs of the fashion industry than a stylist who truly has a finger on the pulse of everything industry-related—from designers to buyers, manufacturers, retailers and publications. So when Jamie Ortega—a stylist...
Valley Cruise Press
Valley Cruise Press is basically a giant middle finger to the tired claim that print is dead. With a sharp eye for exceptional illustration stemming from their own strong talent, Valley Cruise founders Ted Feighan and Ally Quandt have created an...
The Collective Quarterly Magazine
There is nothing more fiercely gratifying than a life steeped in total purpose—and within the 200 pages of stunning photography, prose and reportage that make up its first issue, The Collective Quarterly magazine documents those who aim to fulfill...