Independent Films

The Sound Design of Swiss Army Man
One week ago, just an hour after we disembarked a plane, we sat in Park City, Utah's Eccles Theater for the world premiere of "Swiss Army Man" at this year's Sundance Film Festival. No viewer knew exactly what to expect, and even now it's not easy...
Filmmaker Doug Aitken Goes "Station to Station" Across the United States
In 2013, artist and filmmaker Doug Aitken hopped aboard a train that he himself turned into a kinetic, nomadic light art sculpture and made his way from NYC to San Francisco. Across those 4,000 miles, Aitken was joined by world-class artists—from...
Interview: Filmmaker Ry Russo-Young
NYC-based independent filmmaker Ry Russo-Young has three feature films under her screenwriter/directorial belt, which have earned nods like a 2009 Gotham Independent Film Award and 2012 Special Jury Prize at Sundance. Her 2012 film "Nobody Walks...
Jake Swantko on Documenting Ukraine after the Russian Invasion
by Chérmelle D. Edwards During a recent a trip into Bed-Stuy's Civil Service Café, we encountered an exhibit featuring photography from second-generation Ukrainian photographer and documentary filmmaker Jake Swantko's travels abroad. Some of these...
A Film About Coffee
by Chérmelle D. Edwards By profession he’s a commercial director, but by passion he's a filmmaker. Brandon Loper's "A Film About Coffee" is a visual love letter about the journey of specialty coffee—from the farmers who produce it to the people...
Buttercup Bill at the Marfa Film Festival
There's something near-impossible about attempting surrealist, David Lynch-like energy in a film—and then still being taken seriously. And yet, "Buttercup Bill" lands that mood, successfully. From the magnificent writing and beyond; it's an aggressive...
This is Vanity
by Andrea DiCenzo Beautifully shot and impeccably directed, Oliver Goodrum's first short film, "This is Vanity" premiered online as one of Vimeo's Staff Picks . The short film, which has gone on to win Best Drama at Magnolia Independent Film Festival...
Independent Film Update
Today's independent films maintain the tradition of keeping production small and outside of major studios, but with grassroots funding and the rise of affordability in digital filmmaking, gone are the low-budget demands and aesthetics forced upon...