Test Drive: The All-New 2016 Volvo XC90
An hour outside of Barcelona in a sleepy seaside town that only sees action a few months of the year sits the culmination of an $11 billion dollar investment. Volvo's 2016 XC90 is the product of not just the global investment that came from Chinese...
Test Drive: 2015 BMW i8
Each year, car manufacturers across the globe release 350 or so new models. The vast majority are annual updates to models past—new iterations that are a little more powerful, a little more fuel-efficient and feature smarter tech and nav systems...
Test Drive: 2014 Cadillac ELR
"I don't want people to buy our cars simply because they're made in America. I want them to buy them because they're the best." -Bob Boniface, Director of Exterior Design Based on the 2009 Converj concept car, Cadillac's new electric ELR is finally...
Test Drive: 2014 Infiniti Q50
Followers of luxury Japanese carmaker Infiniti will recognize a new name for their favorite cars. The company announced a rebranding of their model names in 2012, and the upcoming 2014 Q50 is the first car to bear the company's new nomenclature...
Test Drive: 2013 Lincoln MKZ
American luxury car-maker Lincoln, a division of the Ford Motor Company, is transforming. Long known for their plush sedans, the Lincoln Motor Company is making a push from their large, traditionally American sedans toward sporty, technology-minded...
First Look: Samsung NX300 and 45mm 2D/3D Lens
We got a first look at the just-announced Samsung NX300 today, a high-end consumer camera that, when paired with Samsung's new 45mm f1.8 2D/3D lens, becomes the company's first 3D-capable mirrorless "smart" camera. Building on the success of the...
Test Drive: Lexus ES 300H
As Lexus strives to improve its public image, the company recently revamped the previously somewhat frumpish ES in a pair of 2013 models that first debuted at last month's New York Auto Show: the ES 300H and ES 350. With a lower, wider and longer...
Touareg Rare Beast
Taking advantage of a sunny day in New York City, we recently put Volkswagen's new 2011 Supercharged Hybrid Touareg to the test on a trip to Brooklyn for some of the best pizza in town. VW describes this limited edition Touareg as "a rare beast...
Nike HTM2
Mark Parker, Hiroshi Fujiwara and Tinker Hatfield have been collaborating for nearly ten years on the HTM series of Nike sneakers which are among the most coveted by collectors. During a recent conversation in Tokyo Parker stated that their mission...
Hybrid Solar/Electric Flashlight
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Mindset Six50: Electric/Solar/Gas Hybrid Car
A new auto industry start-up, Mindset hopes to help change our gas guzzling ways by introducing the Six50, a new Li-Ion battery powered electric/gas hybrid that reportedly gets 800 kilometer (496 miles) per charge and tank. Rooftop-mounted solar panels...
BMW Concept X6 ActiveHybrid
The dream of a hybrid BMW just got a little closer to reality with their new X6 concept that was introduced at the Frankfurt auto show over the weekend. Based on the X5, it has a slightly more sleek profile, but still has the robust look to make...
PlanetTran Hybrid Car Service: San Francisco Bay Area
Recent years have seen OZOcar in NYC, ecoigo and green tomato in London, an Ecolimo in Melbourne and an (unrelated) Ecolimo serving NYC, S.F., Washington D.C. and Los Angeles. Just last week PlanetTran introduced the first fleet of Priuses for hire...
Yesterday we read about OZOcar over at Charles and Marie and loved the idea so we decided to give them a shot for this morning's trip to the airport (en route to Seattle). With a fleet of 30 hybrid vehicles, OZOcar is New York's first eco...
Nike Shoxploitation
Neo is all about urban assault. A hybrid sneaker - work boot, it's for living a rugged life on the street, but doing it in style and comfort. Timberland knows all about that-- looks like Nike is trying to get in on their game. When you check out...
Toyota Volta
Finally. A good looking hybrid. Fabrizio Giugiaro, son of famed automotive designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, joined Toyota to launch the Volta in Geneva earlier this month. The hybrid sports car is named for physicist Alessandro Volta who invented the...