Bravur Watches
Bravur is a watch company formed by two friends—Magnus Svensson and Johan Sahlin—in 2011. The brand exists today purely because the duo couldn't find what they were looking for in the market as it existed; so they invented it. Thankfully, the pair...
Perspective Clocks
Tel Aviv-based Studio Ve is comprised of Shay Carmon and Ben Klinger, two young men who like exploring objects and their conception—whether it's a Two Leg Table or a Toast-ER that "revives" sad bread. More recently they've been experimenting with...
Schofield Watch Company: Blacklamp
Since Schofield Watch Company's Signalman was released, its designer Giles Ellis has been riding his self-made wave of design-inspired success right into the upper echelons of modern horology. With his second timepiece, the Blacklamp, Ellis has taken...
Braun's Iconic LCD Watch Reborn
In 1978 Braun issued the digital DW30 watch with a groundbreaking style departure designed by Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs. Retired in 1981, only 8,500 were made (4,500 first edition and 4,000 second edition), and most were sold in Germany. There...
Interesting Complications in Watchmaking
by HODINKEE Some seriously complicated watches have been unveiled recently—and we're not just talking perpetual calendars and minute repeaters. We're talking about entirely novel ways to count and tell time by utilizing new power systems, integrating...
Baselworld 2013: Innovation
Industry firsts are a hallmark of the Baselworld watch fair. Companies are eager to show off their latest complications, materials and designs. Innovation can be found in all corners of the market, and here are a few that we think merit notice...
Valerii Danevych's Wooden Timepieces
We've seen our fair share of wooden watches in the past, but nothing prepared us for the work of watchmaker Valerii Danevych, which we saw at while visiting Baselworld 2013. Working from his hometown in Kiev, Ukraine, Danevych comes from a long...
Tag Heuer MikroPendulumS Concept Chronograph
The latest concept from TAG Heuer has been unveiled at Baselworld, showing off an innovative new direction for the tourbillon construction. Hailed for their beauty and complexity, tourbillon movements can occasionally favor style over substance...
MB&F MusicMachine
Marking the first kinetic machine made by MB&F that isn't a timepiece, the MusicMachine confidently brings the innovative Swiss laboratory into new territory. While the spaceship-styled MusicMachine may not tell time and can't be worn, the tabletop...