Home Gardens

While the charm of designer Scott Henderson's self-watering Eleplanter is undeniable, there's more at play than a cute animal reference. The trunk of the elephant actually functions as a watering reservoir, holding two weeks of liquid. The plant and...
SproutsIO Hybrid Hydroculture Technology
The best way to be close to your food is to grow it yourself, though many people can't keep houseplants or herb gardens alive in the best of times. With SproutsIO, funding now on Kickstarter after extensive product-testing, a self-moderating hybrid...
Double Octahedron Ring Planter
From California-based furniture and object designer Eric Trine, the 15-inch-tall Double Octahedron Ring Planter holds terra cotta potted plants by way of some engaging geometry. The powder coated finish on the steel construction lends beauty to the...
Fold Pot by Emanuele Pizzolorusso
Certain designers have a knack for solving problems so basic that their creations feel immediately timeless. Industrial designer Emanuele Pizzolorusso is one of them. The Helsinki-based Italian creative responsible for a pre-crumpled city map for...
Ipnos Outdoor Light by Rossi Bianchi Studio
Created by Milan-based design duo Guido Bianchi and Nicoletta Rossi for the well-respected and innovative lighting company FLOS, the Ipnos outdoor light is at once subtle and bold. The simple design—which is really an indoor/outdoor piece—essentially...
Low Maintenance Indoor Gardening With Pikaplant
Whether or not you've got a green thumb, Amsterdam design agency Leaps Innovation has developed two unique systems that make caring for a plant as easy as admiring it. Their line, Pikaplant, offers both no-maintenance required blooming plants and...