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Marshall Stanmore Speaker
Any audio brand worth its weight in buzz is making a Bluetooth speaker these days—and most sound pretty decent. Though the majority linger in the same design space somewhere along the lines of, "If we were Apple, what would we do?" Marshall is taking...
Gramohorn II
There's something of a divide in the design community when it comes to 3D printing. While some fully back the innovative and open-source abilities of the technology, others are afraid that it will detract from the individual character of design objects...
Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 18
A celebrated innovator in material design and a pioneer in the school of thought that designers should work side-by-side with engineers, over the last 88 years Bang & Olufsen has released some of the most iconic designs in the home audio-visual category...
Interview: Igor Gligorov of Soulines Turntables
by Emily Millett Describing himself as an "old school perfectionist" with a "mind full of music," Igor Gligorov is all about the art of good vibrations—vibration control to be precise. And, since that is the basis of efficient and advanced turntable...
Nano HiFi
Getting the highest quality audio at home used to mean having stacks of receivers, speakers the size of bookshelves and endless wires cluttering up your space. While some of the latest large-scale home audio packages are nothing short of remarkable...
Bang & Olufsen's Beolab 14
by Jorge Abellas Bang & Olufsen (B&O) has always produced exquisitely designed sound-systems not intended for use in a multi-brand entertainment setup. A few months back, the brand made a very deliberate effort to expand their market with the release...
The Blazar by Beacon Audio
There's no shortage of wireless speakers on the market today. With a range of features available; from the water-resistant and beach-ready to the amazingly compact, we've been sifting through all of the latest technologies. While the aforementioned...
Z2 by Bowers & Wilkins
While Sonos remains a market-defining force in wireless music streaming, Bowers & Wilkins makes a strong case for Apple AirPlay with a seductive, newly expanded lineup. Today, the company introduced an update to the popular Zeppelin Air—the...
Sonos Playbar
With a sleek, seamless move wireless audio system maker Sonos takes another firm step towards total home audio domination with yesterday's introduction of the Playbar, a wireless HiFi speaker for your TV. Streamlined to sit well within the Sonos...